How to Take Advantage of your Natural Curl Using HSI Products

There are four major types of hair: straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. Straight hair can be thick or thin and it is typically the silkiest, and most sleek type of hair; it is shiny and reflects light more than any other kind. Wavy hair can be thick or thin, but it has character to it – often frizzy and unruly, it has its waves of different sizes that can go in all different directions.

Both curly hair and kinky hair can be a handful as they are often difficult to tame, can take hours to straighten and get poufy in humid air. As many women have discovered, the battle you wage with your hair is rarely worth it in the end, and often, you do not even reign victorious. So how do you work with your hair instead of against it?

HSI Professional

Find an HSI Professional tool that works with your hair type

Working with your hair is important so that you are both happy. Do not work against your hair – work with it! If you know how, your natural hair can actually work for you. Knowing what style you want, and identifying the right kind of tool to use for your hair, are the first steps.

The Marcel Wand, named after the French hairstylist who invented the curling iron, is believed to be the most versatile curling tool. Unlike most of the curling wands, this Marcel wand looks like a hybrid between a curling iron and a curling wand – it has a clip but it is not spring-loaded – this means that it can be maneuvered and manipulated easier than most curling tools. It rarely leaves kinks or snags in the hair and the results look natural, however, the technique can be a tricky one to master.

A Bubble Wand is generally easy to use and would be good for a curling-novice. It has a textured/bumpy rod to help the user determine the placement of the hair when curling. It “sifts” or guides the hair between the bubbles to yield a nice, even pattern of curls.

The Spiral Iron creates yet another interesting look. With metal spirals looping around the metal rod this curler gives hair a type of vintage look – bigger curls that lead into smaller ones.

The Double-Barrel Iron is an interesting invention as the user wraps their hair in a figure eight pattern around the rods. Only an option for those with mid-length hair, a ripple-like pattern develops, looking like hair that’s been let out of a tightly wound braid.

Did you know that straighter hair is usually easier to curl, but hair with natural waves tends to hold the curls longer than straight hair?

HSI Professional products help with unruly hair

HSI Professional products

Our HSI Professional Hair Products are known for their argan oils. Derived from the kernels of the Moroccan Argan tree (a native to Morocco), and eaten as a dipping sauce by the Moroccan people, argan oil is now widespread in the U.S. as nourishing body lotions. Used in shampoos and conditioners, argan oil is known for its moisturizing properties. It stimulates hair growth, revitalizes damaged strands, and infuses those frustrating tresses with natural vitamins.

From heat protectant to conditioners and shampoos, or leave-in treatments and hair masks, HSI has the argan thermal protector which is a lightweight spray that is spritzed or misted over the hair before a straight iron is used. As part of the straightening prep, the thermal protector creates an invisible barrier between the heated straightener and the hair, protecting it from the intense heat and preventing damage. This argan spray can also be used as a styling mist because it detangles the hair while giving it a sleek, healthy look, and moisturizes it as the hair is being worked.

The argan oil conditioner and shampoo work just like any other hair conditioner and shampoo. Intended to be applied to the damp hair while showering, these products rehydrate dry, damaged tresses. They will not affect colored hair and are said to be wonderful detangling agents. The argan leave-in hair treatment is to be done exactly as it suggests. Once sprayed into the hair, it should be left in. As it settles in, it soaks into the hair, moisturizing and nourishing the strands to give them a silky, rejuvenated look and texture. It infuses the hair with vitamins and moisturizing proteins to revive and strengthen the strands. They are natural and are sulfate-free.

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