How to Take Care of your Hair After Straightening

Hair is a complex system of the body that requires special care and handling to keep it healthy. People use a variety of products and tools to get frizzy or curly hair straight, smooth, and sleek to make it easier to handle. Flat irons, heated brushes, and argan oil-infused hair care products are just a few of the tools used to get curly locks to be straight. When the process is, all said, and done, maintaining those results if possible and post care are vital to keeping hair healthy and looking great.

Three is the Magic Number

The caveat with hair straightening is to follow a step-by-step process to get longer lasting results so hair is sleeker, smoother, and silkier. Preparing hair ahead of time for straightening takes quite a bit of time and so you want the results to last if possible. Here at HSI Professional, three is the magic number to maintaining those wonderfully straight locks. You’ll find on many sites that one of the biggest cautions is to avoid getting newly straightened hair wet or damp so it doesn’t start to curl again.

The same holds true here, avoid shampooing and conditioning hair for at least three days. Once the three days up wash your hair normally but leave the conditioner in for a few minutes longer. Avoid using hot water when shampooing and conditioning hair and be sure not to tie it back or put it behind your ears. When lying down to sleep, make sure your hair is straight or brush it out the moment you wake up.

HSI Professional

Applying the Right Products

Another condition here at HSI we’ve come to learn is knowing how to use the right products to keep hair healthy, but not apply harsh chemicals. Hair that has suffered from harsh chemical treatments in the past can be hard to maintain and our goal is to keep the damage to a minimum, if not repair it. We take pride in providing the right products to maintain healthy hair and over time can even help to make it more manageable. Argan oil-infused hair care products are one of the cornerstones of keeping hair manageable and healthy for the long term.

People who have used argan oil for the first time will see a noticeable improvement in their hair and continued use is encouraged. Over time, argan oil has been known to help hair be more manageable, tame frizz, and due to the vitamins it contains promotes healthy hair growth. Our HSI Professional Hair Products have an assortment of argan oil infused shampoos and conditioner treatments to help maintain the health of your hair.

Combined with straightening treatments, it’s easier and healthier to maintain those straight locks. Use a leave-in conditioner when necessary to help hair retain moisture which will keep frizz and dryness at bay. Hair spas and hair masks help too by replenishing nutrients and adding vitamins your hair will need after the straightening process. Touching up with pure argan oil to smooth out frizz or give your hair an extra sheen is recommended too.

Take Special Care with Environmental Factors

The best recommendation here at HSI we can offer is to avoid overheating hair once it’s had a straightening treatment. Heat from blow dryers can cause hair to start to frizz and dry out after it’s been washed. Harsh sun rays, rain, and even wind are other factors that can cause hair to become tangled. Use an umbrella or wear a hat if necessary to protect your hair from the elements to prevent it from becoming entangled. Using an anti-frizz spray or some pure argan oil to hydrate hair and to tame frizz is another strong recommendation.

The idea is to keep your hair healthy and straight; but not to the point where it becomes damaged. The absolute last thing you want to do is to tie your hair back or use hair pins to hold it back. These hair styling tools can leave a corrugated mark that is difficult to straighten out with even the best flat irons, so be cautious if you need to pull your hair back.

Healthy hair should show it’s been taken care of by being frizz free and smooth to the touch. Incorporating these basic hair care routines after a straightening session recommended by HSI Professional will help you to maintain those sleek, smooth locks.



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