HSI Professional Tip of the Month: How to Get Rid of that Cow Lick

If you’re having a problem with a cowlick, the most obvious question on your mind is going to be how to get rid of it. Yep, we totally understand, and if you’ve had it all your life, there is a good chance you’ve given up hope. You look in the mirror every morning, you try to comb it down, and nothing happens. HSI professional has a few tips that can help you to get rid of it and to work your way into a slightly better appearance. If that sounds good, keep reading!

What is the Cow Lick and How can HSI Professional Help?

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If you are already suffering (yes, we’re going to say suffering, let’s call it what it is) from a cowlick, then you definitely know the struggle. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning, only to find that you actually need to wash your hair again to get rid of that odd curl that just won’t die. So, how do you fix it? It’s actually not nearly as difficult as you’re thinking.

Wet the Area Down

The first step will be to make sure that your hair is completely wet, or at least the area in question. If you don’t want to wet the entire head, then simply use a spray bottle to get the area that you need.

Use a Styling Product

Your next step is going to be to apply some styling product, particularly one with hold. The idea here is to add some weight and texture to the root area – or in other words, the area that is causing the problem. This will make it much easier for your hair to stay put!

Go Against the Cow Lick

You’re going to want to use a gentle brush, and when you do so, go against the cowlick, using a blow dryer to focus heat near the roots of your hair. As you’re doing so, make sure that you continue to mix up the direction you’re blowing in, and at some point, you’ll want to switch to a round brush. Move them back and forth until the hair is fully dry, and you should be able to fix the cowlick – it can actually be as simple as that if you can believe it.

Beyond the Brush – Squish it Down

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This is probably the most straightforward and obvious method of getting rid of the cowlick, and it simply involves pressing down in the middle of the strand. This does help to calm it down, but if you want to increase your chances, then you can always add some heat to help break the hydrogen bonds within the strands. You may still want to use the product to hold it down after the fact – this is completely up to you. It is our recommendation, however, that you always finish up with hairspray.

Getting rid of a cowlick can be challenging. It is that one rogue element of your hair that you can never seem to get rid of, and it tends to be the one that causes the most problem. You can have a perfect head of hair and a perfect styling job, but at some point, you’re going to look at yourself in the mirror and realize that those few rogue strands have done an outstanding job of ruining the entire ensemble. Instead of getting upset about it, use some of the methods that we mentioned above, and get your hair under control!

Most important of all: use HSI professional hair products to keep your hair healthy! Yes, it’s going to be difficult, and yes, you might be confused at first, but with the right products and the right procedures, you can get it under control, and you can leave it with the healthy shine that you’ve been looking for. Check out our different products, see what we have to offer, and seriously, get your hair to cooperate – it CAN be done.

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