It's January! How Should you Style your Hair for the New Year?

by HSI Professional | Jan 31 2017

Argan oil infused shampoo

With the excitement of the holidays gone, stave off the cold and gloomy winter blues with these hot styles for January.

Natural Looking Curls

The winter rain and snow might be dampening our moods, but we won’t let it dampen our style! We are embracing the weather’s uncertainty by rocking natural looking curls. To get this style we start with an Argan oil infused shampoo and an Argan oil infused conditioner. Once hair has been towel dried, apply an argan oil leave in hair treatment for maximum protection and shine.

Even in the coldest rain showers and the most brutal snowstorm, Argan oil treatments will keep hair smooth and shiny. We never fear a hand running through our hair because of Argan oil treatments keeping hair soft to the touch and manageable. But please, ask before touching. Next use a diffuser on a low setting to gently dry hair. For better-defined waves, a heated curling wand can be used on random pieces to give curl more definition. Right now we love the undefined, wild haired look inspired by the 70s.

Messy Braid

We love second-day styles this month! Day 2 curly hair can be totally unruly, but we don’t always have time to start a fresh style. We utilize that second day hair by fashioning a low, messy braid. Even celebrities are fans of the second day hair-messy braid. Seen on and off the red carpet, this style is an easy way we keep it chic. Tame frizz and max out the shine with an Argan oil treatment. Mermaid, French, or traditional braids, we love them all the same.

Once hair has been braided back begin pulling at the pieces to widen the body of the braid. Take pieces near the face and pull them forward to create face-framing layers. When we want to add some rock-star body, we take a teasing comb or brush and brush roots upwards. We don’t worry about taming or smoothing out teased roots with this look. We enjoy the mystery of this look. Did we just roll out of bed? Were we at a concert last night? That’s a secret we’ll never tell.

Argan Oil Heat Protectant

Sleek Pony

January weather might have us feeling down, but with a slicked back ponytail we are still the fiercest in the land. Before we step out and rock out, we start with treating our hair with a quick shampoo and condition. We love using Argan oil infused shampoo and an Argan oil infused conditioner for the softest locks. Winter can be extremely drying for all hair types, so we recommend using an Argan oil treatment before applying heat. Take a large brush and blow dry hair until it is completely dry to the touch.

Next break out the flat iron and straighten hair until it is as straight as a pin. Mist a light to medium hold hair spray all over.  Flip head upside down and gather hair into a ponytail while smoothing out any bumps or filling any gaps in scalp. Once hair has been gathered and tied back, take a comb that has been misted lightly with hair spray and run comb over the top and sides of head. Who said ponytails were for lazy days?

Top Knot Fun

Remember the ballerina bun craze? Well as much as we love looking polished sometimes the weather feels differently. We avoid ruined hair blues by rocking this easy and fun style. This look has been spotted on Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Zendaya and other hot right now celebrities. The beauty of this style is that we can do it at home, at the gym, or on the go.

Wherever we happen to find ourselves, as long as we have an Argan oil leave-in treatment, a hair tie, and a comb or brush we are as good as gold. This hairstyle can be worn with clean or dirty hair and can be worn by all hair types. First we want to gather hair similar to the way we did for our sleek n slick ponytail. Turn hair upside down and gather at the top and secure with a hair tie. Once ponytail is secure we want to twist the tail and then spiral it into a knot at the top of the head.

We either secure the knot with another hair tie or a couple of bobby pins. Once knot is in place and secure take a teasing comb or brush and brush out loose hair around the face.  We want to look as if we achieved this look after a beautiful summer day cruising around in our convertible and lunching on the beach. Even though we’re deep into the winter season we can still dream about warm days and warm nights.



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