Labor Free: 8 Easy Hairstyles For Your Day Off! 

With this hot summer heat and sweat dripping off our necks, let’s be honest… no one really wants their hair roaming free. So get this, ’tis the season for a little feel good news! Our team at HSI has rounded up effortless, beach-worthy do's to keep you in sync with the latest trends of the season.

Whether you have mermaid locks or not, we have a unique style for every personality. The last thing we want is to spend our day off  in front of the mirror trying to make the impossible seem completely uncomplicated. The thing is you can! So let’s get this party started. 

The Side Braid 

A simple side braid is perfect for adding a little elegance to your normal hair style! This up do can be used with straight hair and accessorized with flowers.

The Double Bun

Double the Bun, Double The Fun… Is that what they say? They should because two is always better than one. Famous in the 90’s it came back with an irresistible bang. From Cara Delevingne to North West, everyone seems to be pulling it of this season so why shouldn’t you?

The Textured Big Braid 

This particular hairstyle looks complex, but it’s actually easier than you think. Ideal for a beach party, this Textured Braid is the perfect alternative for a long day - Why? Because the messier it gets the better it looks…

The Half Bun

Sometimes we want cute, but we also want something practical. In this case, the Half Bun is your best friend, you can make it work for any occasion and any hair type or length.

Messy Beach Waves

When have messy beach waves ever been out of style? It seems like all of us need a Lazy Girls Guide for Irresistible Beach Waves… What we recommend is our GROOVER CURLER MASTER KIT. With over 10 different curling options you can use it on any occasion be the beach or your winter formal.

Scarf it Up! 

Chrissy Teigen has been particularly drawn to this style during her vacation in Bali this summer, she even gets hubby John Legend to rave about it on her social media, calling it  “Headband of  The Day" #HBOTD. Maybe it’s time we give it a try, do you think JL will sing for us? We sure hope so… 

Side Tail

Easy, effortless and simple. The Side Tail gives that “Je ne sais quoi” we all need in our lives.

The High Ponytail

One of the most versatile styles for long hair, it has the adaptability to transform from uncomplicated and traditional to slick and straight red carpet ready. We recommend our GLIDER ELITE PROFESSIONAL FLAT IRON - HAIR STRAIGHTENER to get every hair in check. If Hailey Baldwin can pull it off, we can too! 



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