Make Waves: Quick & Easy Back to School Hair Styles

Back to school season is always bittersweet, you’re probably feeling excited and maybe a little bit sad that summer has finally come to an end. Some of us can feel nervous or even scared on our first day because of everything that’s going on: new teachers, new friends, or maybe even a new school. Today, we are sharing a week’s worth of cute & easy hairstyles that will make you the talk of the town... 

Monday: The Lazy Up-Do

Running late on Monday’s seems to be a regular part of our routine... I mean, it’s normal right? They say there’s enough coffee in the world, but there’s not! This is why we bring you a 20-second updo — split, knot, twist, and pin. Get tutorial here.

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Tuesday: Twisted Bun and Braid

A simple six-step hairstyle is a like a gift from the god’s—or a fast drying mani/pedi. All you need is our Paddle Hair Brush, use it to get every wicked hair in place… A little trick of the trade from HSI.

Wednesday: Half Crown Braid

Hump days are the days we feel less glamorous and await FriYAY like there is no tomorrow. What better way to showcase your crown, even if it’s made out of hair. Braid a two-inch strand of hair on both sides of your head (above your ear), then angle around the back of your head and secure with bobby pins. If you're feeling like a princess, don’t be afraid to adorn it with flowers or even add some bling!  

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Thursday: Easy Loose Curls

Getting hair done in the morning can feel totally overwhelming. Whether it’s casual waves, bouncy beach waves, or big, loose curls; feeling glamorous can be easier said than done. We recommend using our Profesional Curling Wand Set - Groover Kit. Keep in mind that high temperatures affect hair when applied on a long term basis. Protect your hair and use our Argan Oil Heat Protectant. Get tutorial here. 

Friday: Half Up - Half Down 

The weekend is finally here! Recreate this simple half up’do by teasing hair at the crown and then securing it with a discreet hair pin at the back of your head. For that extra volume and fine hair, apply a good amount of volumizing products. Get tutorial here.

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Love that u r sharing these hairdo’s. I have beautiful granddaughter with long thick curly hair and she needs IDEAS . Thanks so much for sharing!

Rhonda Griffin September 06, 2018

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