How to Give Mom an Unforgettably Beautiful Mother's Day Gift

Mothers Day Gift Ideas | HSI Professional

Mother's Day 2018 Gifts of Beauty
Every year when Mother's Day rolls around, the quest of searching for a unique Mother's Day gift begins. Rather than the standard bouquet of roses or box of chocolates, we think the best Mother's Day gifts are those that make mom look and feel her best. Here, our picks for Mother's Day presents that shower mom with love and make her feel beautiful at the same time. 


Mother's Day Gift Ideas | HSI Professional

Mother's Day Gift Idea: A Cool Manicure
Regardless of how old she is, make her feel like the cool mom with the gift of a nail art manicure. It's rare for busy moms to treat themselves to anything more than just a quickie polish change, so a fun manicure session at your local nail art salon will give her a stylish change of pace and make her feel special. 


Mothers Day Facial

Mother's Day Gift Idea: A High-Tech Facial
Facials have come a long way. Rather than gifting mom a regular skin cleansing and steaming facial, check out what your dermatologist has to offer that can really turn back the hands of time. From chemical peels and laser facials to microdermabrasion, there is a ton of new technology on offer that can work some serious magic on the skin. Mom will thank you when she looks in the mirror and sees herself looking 10 years younger.


HSI Glider

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Mother's Day Gift Idea: The Gift of Perfect Hair 
A mom's most precious commodity is time. Most busy moms have no time to head to the hair salon for a blowout or a styling session on a weekly basis. Gifting mom with the right tools so she can style her own hair to perfection is a dream Mother's Day gift. At HSI, our hair tools are what the professionals use to create fashion magazine-worthy looks on their clients. Gift mom with one of our best-selling hair tools. The Glider Ceramic Flat Iron uses unique HeatBalance micro-sensors to evenly distribute heat and make moms locks super straight without causing any damage. The HSI Groover Curler Master Kit is the ultimate beauty gift with 10 interchangeable curling barrels so mom can master any hair look she desires. 


Mothers Day Yoga Session

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Package at Her Favorite Yoga Studio
This is the gift that keeps on giving. For any yogi mom, a gift card to her yoga studio of choice is one that will make her feel zen for many weeks to come. Nothing like a refreshing yoga session to make mom feel like she's in control. 


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