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by Misha Haba | Aug 14 2017

Who wouldn’t love having beautiful long hair? We all do, including me. 


I have become an expert this past 4 months, since my hair didn’t grew at all. I know you don’t know my story, so here it is.


Since 4 years ago, I have dyed my hair, bleaching was so common since i loved having a platinum silver shade. So bleaching was the main reason my hair got so damaged and weak, it was totally dry, and full with frizz. As a consequence my hair stopped growing, and I had to get hair extensions, which were really expensive. The thing is that once you start doing this process, you can’t stop, and is a long term investment. 


Another thing that is really important to point out is I always lightened my hair at home…BIG MISTAKE… salons exist for a reason. I learned this the hard way last time I bleached my hair, I fell asleep with the lightener on my hair for over an hour, and you can only imagine the mess that my hair was after that. My scalp was burned and was full of scars. No one wanted to sell me anything for my hair, because they said I might ave Alopecia. 


So with a heavy heart and soul I started wearing hats and scarfs over my hair 24/7. I was so despaired for a quick fix, that I dyed my hair a dark brown, so it wouldn’t look as damaged. This was my second mistake, by doing this my hair started to look green, and more damaged than before. So, I just gave up. 


People told me that I shouldn’t do anything else to my hair, or I would be bald. I was so scared for my hair, that I actually started believing them. 


So after this, I started using my free time doing research on the internet. I tried everything from hair masks and treatments, to praying to the gods.


From all the things I tried there were 3 that really worked, and that's what I'm gonna tell you about. 



Have you heard about vitamins that are exclusively for hair growth? Well they work, because they have Biotin in them. 

Since I started taking them, my hair started growing so fast, it was a miracle. Btw, I had to cut my hair to see these results.My hairdresser cut off all the damaged hair, and it was so short after that, right below my ear. Four weeks later, my hair was on my shoulders. 


Argan Oil

We all know Argan oil for the amazing properties it has, but the secret here is to buy it virgin, and put it on the tips of the hair, 3 times a week, for the whole night and wash it the day after. This is a huge help, your hair gets more shiny and strong. Gradually you hair comes back to life. 



We underestimate water, but if you make it a goal to drink 2 litters of water a day, believe me even your skin will glow. 

Water keeps us alive, so trust me, adding it to your day to day will make a difference.

You should really try all of these tips, and let me know if they work for you. If you have your own tips, tell us about them!!. 


Translated by Andrea Lozoya Gonzalez


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