Reverse Damage Using Argan Hair Oil

Have you damaged your hair? There's nothing worse than having to find ways to cover up damage while you're trying to grow it out. If you're really desperate, you may have considered just cutting the whole lot off. However, you may not have to do anything quite so drastic. Argan oil products for hair can actually reverse damage and save your precious locks from the chop. Here's how.

Everyone's guilty of damaging their hair

Argan Oil

We've all done it. You go too far in trying to make your hair look just the way you want it, and instead of the look you craved you got a burned or damaged mess. It's enough to make you want to cry. Hair stylists will often berate us for the horrors we put our hair through, but that's because they care about their work. It's often not as bad as we think it is. If you've damaged your hair, there is often a way to fix the damage without resorting to drastic measures.

The common causes of hair damage

There's a few ways that hair damage is commonly caused:
  • Heat damage: This is probably the most common way you've damaged your hair. Heated styling tools, such as curling irons, flat irons and hairdryers, all take their toll on your hair. Too frequent use without protective measures means that your hair can easily get fried.
  • Dye damage: Even if your hair stylist is handling the dying process, it's very easy for your hair to become dry and brittle after being dyed. It can get even worse if you've had to employ bleach to get the colour you need.
  • Sun damage: You wouldn't normally think about the sun, but it's as bad for your hair as it is for your skin. Go out without a good hat or protective product and it can fry in the sun's rays. If your hair's ever felt frazzled after a day at the beach, now you know why.

What argan oil is

Argan oil comes from a small area in Morocco, from the argan tree. The nuts the tree produces are pressed by the inhabitants of the area, in order to extract the oil from them. If you buy pure argan oil, it will have come straight from the nut without any more processing. It's renowned for its moisturising and healing properties, especially when it comes to your hair.

How argan oil can reverse damage

argan oil hair products

Argan oil hair products are fantastic for damaged hair as they are packed full of nutrients. The main ingredient in its makeup is Vitamin E, something that your hair always needs. It helps repair damaged hair because it stimulates growth in your hair cells, encouraging new growth and helping mend what's already there.

It's also great because it's such an excellent moisturizer. Damaged hair is usually stripped of all the moisture contained in the hair follicle, making it weak and brittle. Argan for hair can replace that moisture and help the hair get back on track.

How to use argan oil in your hair

There's a few different ways you can use argan oil hair products. Here's a few of the most popular ways, which you can pick from depending on your needs:
  • As a leave in treatment: If your hair has suffered extensive damage, the best way to use argan oil is as a leave in argan oil treatment. Before you go to bed, rub a few drops of the oil into your scalp and through your hair. Wear a shower cap to keep the oil in and stop it rubbing on your pillows. In the morning, wash your hair as normal. Soon, your hair will begin to look and feel much healthier.
If you have problems with a dry scalp or dandruff, this treatment can help those too.
  • As a normal shampoo and conditioner: If you're trying to avoid future damage, or you're a fan of heated hair styling tools, this could be the best route for you. An argan oil shampoo and conditioner won't have all the power of 100% pure argan oil, but even diluted it can still pack a punch. Using it every day means that your hair will gain a layer of defence against everything you can throw at it.
  • As heat protection: If you're using heat styling tools, argan oil is the best heat protection you can use. It creates a protective layer between your hair and the heat. At the same time, it will soak its nutrients into your hair, giving it a boost as you're styling it. You get the best of both worlds.

It is totally possible to repair damage done to your hair using argan oil. There's no other hair product quite like it. Try it yourself and you'll see how much better your hair feels.


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