Straightening Curls - How to Deal with those Pesky Layers

If you’re like me then you’ve experienced some frustration with curling irons when attempting to style your hair. My problem is that while I am definitely trying to grow my hair out, I do experience problems with multiple layers of hair growing on the back of my head, many of them different lengths, so it tends to become frustrating. It’s actually a nightmare when straightening, but an even bigger problem when I want to go curly.

Fortunately, there are many HSI products that can really help to promote a Fortunately, there are many HSI products that can really help to promote a better-looking hairstyle and ultimately healthier hair. If that doesn’t sound good to you, then we don’t know what does. We’re going to start this blog by giving you a quick guide on styling your hair and making it look a bit more acceptable for curling – it can be a tough concept, but we’re certain that with the right products, you can really make a difference.

Getting Started with HSI Styling Products

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to make sure that you have a styling product in your hair, and we do strongly recommend that you use our heat protectant to ensure that you don’t damage your hair in the process. Other than that, you can use styling gel to deal with hair that has a thicker texture. Thinner textured hair, on the other hand, will require a mousse.

Straightening Curls

Create Volume and Start Drying

For curls, you’re going to need volume, and if you don’t have it naturally then you’re going to need to create it. Another thing to remember is that in order to use styling products, your hair absolutely needs to be dry, so use a blow dryer, and once finished, comb your hair with a round brush (which you can find in our store).

Pin it Up

When your hair is completely dry you’ll be ready to pin it up, and we strongly recommend using heat resistant clips. Once you have pinned your hair, cover each section with a setting spray, and then curl the hair away from your face using one of HSI Professional’s curling irons or wands.

Keep it Going

You’ll need to repeat the steps that we laid out for the rest of your hair, curling away from your face, and ensuring that you do so safely. Throughout this process, we strongly recommend that you use our heat resistant gloves to ensure that you are not burned by either the iron or your hair throughout the curling process – it can be rough, but with caution, you can get the job done pretty easily. Also, remember that it gets easier with practice!

Shorter Hair and smaller Attachments

Assuming your hair is as short as mine, it wouldn’t hurt for you to use our Groover Kit, which contains our own curling wand along several attachments, ensuring that you’re ready and able to address hair of any length. Once you finish, make sure you seal your hairstyle with hairspray, and then loosen your curls with your fingers. You’ll have the look you want in no time, and you won’t have to step foot in a salon!

Check Out HSI’s Products

HSI Care Box

The bottom line, and the point we’d like to get across, is that when you’re curling your hair, it all comes down to the product. While there are some who insist that heading to the salon is the only way to legitimately get the job done, quite frankly, you can do most of your hair care at home, especially if you have HSI’s products in your arsenal. If you really want to up your game, check out our care box as it will give you everything that you need on a monthly basis.

In addition to that, you can choose as many, or as few products as you need to make your hair beautiful! Stop putting your hair care off just because you feel that your hair is unworkable – there’s a solution for everyone, and it won’t be long before you have the amazing hair that you’ve wanted all along.

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