The Best Spring Break Hairstyle Ideas



For those of us living in cold weather climate, spring break is the first hint of warm weather after a long and snow-filled winter. Spending time fussing about your hair while on spring break is a downer—after all there’s some serious beach time to sneak in! Vacation is all about easy and effortless hairstyles. The last thing you want to do is spend extra time in the hotel room trying to perfect your ‘do. Here are some of the cutest spring break hairstyles that don’t require much effort.

Messy Topknot
We love this look for the beach and apres swimming to tame any frizz and keep hair out of your face. If you haven’t heard, messy is now considered the ultimate in chic. An insouciant look means you didn’t try too hard but still manage to look gorgeous.

How to get the Look: Here’s how to nail the perfect messy top knot: Gather all of your hair into a high ponytail on top of your head. Leave out the ends of hair on the last loop of the elastic. Gather all of the loose ends and, using bobby pins sprayed with hairspray, pin them around the bun. Lastly, tug at the bun a bit to create a haphazardly chic look.

Heat Free Beach Waves

While at the beach, wavy beach hair makes perfect sense. Even if hitting the waves isn’t your thing, rocking waves in your hair is a vacation homerun. The fabulous rule about vacation hair, is that it should look undone and beach waves are ideal iteration of that just-rolled-out-of-bed hairstyle.

How to get the look: Head to the beach with slightly damp hair. Spray HSI Argan Oil Leave In Hair Treatment into locks and using your hands, give hair a good scrunch. Twist hair into two braids and hit the beach. Let the sun air-dry hair. Undo braids and voila, beachy waves!

The Half-Up Top Knot

This is the sister hairstyle to the full on top knot. It’s the ultimate lazy girl hair style, but has a hint of sexiness, too.

How to get the look: This time, instead of grabbing all of your hair to put into a top knot, grab only hair from the top half of your head. Follow the same guidelines using an snag-free elastic to twist hair into a messy bun and secure with bobby pins.

Half Up Twist

There’s something about the half-up hairstyle that screams vacation mode. A half up look is easy to create and also lets most of your hair hang loose without the annoying wisps in your face that can happen while on the beach. This twisty half up hairstyle has a hint of princess to it.

How to get the look: Taking about an inch of hair from each side of the head, right above each ear, twist each side until they meet in the back of your head. Secure both twists with a small clip or snag-free elastic.

Glamorous Waves

When you have 15-minutes in your hotel room to get ready for the night out, creating gorgeous vacation-ready waves is the way to go.

How to get the look: Spray a texturizing spray onto damp hair. Divide hair into two parts. Twist one section away from the face with your fingers and blast it with a blow dryer. Repeat on the other side. Try the HSI Dryonizer Lite Lightweight Ceramic Blow Dryer, which is super lightweight and perfect for packing into luggage.


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