It's Time to Say Goodbye to Frizzy Hair with the Help of HSI Professional Hair Products

Gone are the days of frizzy hair with the help of HSI professional hair products. Struggling with hair that is seemingly untamable can be frustrating and defeating. If frizz-defying products have not worked, perhaps it is time to consider a new approach. In order to make the outside beautiful, at HSI we know that you have to nourish the inside. Our argan oil line of HSI professional hair products is the frizz-free solution every woman has searched long and hard for.  We can assure you with HSI, the search is over.

Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Stop frizz before it even begins with the use of HSI professional argan oil shampoo and conditioner. Dry hair is the number one cause of frizz that will not quit no matter what a woman does. While shampooing hair daily can dry hair out for some women, skipping their daily shampoo can cause more harm than good. Fortunately HSI’s argan oil shampoo and conditioner is gentle enough for daily use and will not dry out hair. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C, and D this formula is not only hydrating but removes daily build up as well.

Reconstructive keratin and fatty acids condition strands that are broken or damaged from weather, heating and styling tools, or just general wear and tear. The HSI argan oil conditioner, like the argan oil shampoo, is safe to use daily and will not weigh hair down. Skipping a daily shampoo does not mean it is okay to skip conditioning. Use a generous amount on ends and be sure to not use passed ears. The scalp will produce its own natural oils, which will condition hair above the ears.  The argan oil conditioner is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that hair will soak right up.

HSI professional argan oil shampoo

Argan Oil Leave-in Hair Treatment

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate---that is our motto and should be every woman’s too. For women with thicker hair or hair that is naturally wavy or naturally curly, they will find that using conditioner alone with their daily shampoo might not be enough. That is why we love the HSI argan oil leave-in hair treatment. Safe to use on all hair types including hair that has been colored, this hydrating leave-in conditioner is perfect for keeping frizz at bay. The HSI argan oil leave-in treatment is sulfate-free, phosphate-free, and paraben-free.

HSI professional products are never tested on animals and are proudly made in the United States of America. This lightweight leave-in hair treatment is full of vitamins and antioxidants that hair needs in order to be healthy and beautiful. Hair will be completely transformed from dull and dry to shiny and full. The beauty of the HSI argan oil leave-in hair treatment is that it can be used as a conditioning serum or a styling and finishing tool. Faster drying time shinier, more manageable, and smoother hair are just the beginning of the amazing benefits of the HSI argan oil leave-in treatment.

Argan Oil Hydrating Smoothing Mask

HSI Professional Hair Products

Give tresses a treat with the HSI argan oil hydrating smoothing mask. In just five to ten minutes hair will be revitalized and refreshed. Great for use in between regular trims, the HSI argan oil hydrating smoothing mask is safe for all hair types, including those that have been colored. If hair has been dry and nothing has been working to resolve the issue, this is what hair needs. A highly concentrated argan oil hair mask infuses hair with protein to heal dry and damaged locks.

Bring back hair’s natural elasticity and smooth and tame frizz. Intensely hydrating and restorative to hair inside and out, the HSI argan oil hydrating smoothing mask will leave hair silky smooth from root to tip. For thin hair, leave this mask on for five minutes; for women with thick or curly hair, we suggest leaving this mask on for at least ten minutes. Depending on hair’s needs and desired hydration level, timing will vary.

Argan Oil Heat Protectant

Daily heat use on hair will dry and damage hair prematurely. But a woman does not have to give up her flat iron or curling wand to maintain healthy hair. By simply being proactive and mindful by using the HSI argan oil heat protectant spray, hair can be saved from the damaging effects of high heat.

This heating protectant keeps hair safe from heat exposure up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Completely weightless, mist this spray all over locks before using any type of heat. Infused with antioxidant rich argan oil and vitamins that promote healthy hair, this thermal protectant will result in optimal style every time. Immediately women will notice shinier, softer, more manageable hair.

The HSI argan oil heat protectant is safe to use on all hair types including those types that have been color treated. The reason why we love recommending this product for women who struggle with taming frizz is because it hydrates, detangles, speeds up drying time, and provides hair with a protective barrier. Keeping hair hydrated and nourished is essential to maintain frizz free hair. No matter what hair type you have, leaving frizz in the past is easy with HSI professional products.

HSI professional products make hair beautiful by nourishing the inside so the outside can shine. We know that happy hair is healthy hair and healthy hair is hydrated hair.

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