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It's spring break in most parts of the country, which means vacation and travel time for many Americans. Traveling, for the most part, is an amazing way to spend your time, however it often means taking a break from your regular skin and haircare routines. If you follow these beauty tips on how to travel and still have fabulous looking hair, you won't miss a beat on the road and your vacation pictures will still look amazing.

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Travel Hair Tip: Bring a Bandana!
We love bandanas for their versatility. Whether you're planning a hiking trip in the mountains or a day at the beach, a classic bandana will have you covered. Find a few in pretty, spring-friendly colors to wear during the day. Try twisting a bandana around a low bun like in the photo above for a sporty chic look at the pool or beach. 

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Spring Break Hair Tip: Pack Travel-Friendly Hair Tools
Just because you're going on vacation, doesn't mean you should be without your favorite hair tools. Find travel-ready hair styling tools that are easy to pack and won't be too heavy to carry. The HSI Dryonizer Lite Light Ceramic Blow Dryer is super lightweight, yet gets the job done when it comes to styling your hair to perfection. It's made with a ceramic motor and HeatBalance technology to ensure consistent air pressure and heat.  

Vacation Hair Tip: Be Prepared for Climate Changes
If you're heading south, then be ready for some major humidity happenings. For those of us with curly or wavy hair, this could be mean frizz city! Be prepared to deal with the frizzies by packing a frizz-control hair product, such as the new HSI Top 5 Salon Formula, which contains a host of nourishing ingredients, including Moroccan Argan Oil, Island Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Bonus is that these ingredients also provide protection from the sun. If you're going to pack only one hair product for your trip, the Top 5 Salon Formula should be it! 

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Beach Ready Hair Tip: Embrace Your Waves
Trying to straighten your hair into submission when on a beach vacation is a lost cause. Instead, embrace your natural waves and do the beach hair look during your trip. Work a leave-in conditioner (try HSI Argan Oil Leave In Hair Treatment) into your hair and either braid it or twist it up into a bun for day at the beach. At the end of your day, your hair will be wavy and gorgeous.

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