Use A Hair Curler Set To Mimic These Four Celebrities

There's no better hair inspiration than that that comes from celebrities. They're the masters of reinventing themselves, so of course there's always exciting new hair styles to try. Curly hair is making a comeback as of late, after years of poker straight locks dominating the catwalks and red carpets. Are you stuck on how to start trying out curly styles? Here's four celebrities with curly styles we afore, and how to recreate them.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The Tools You Will Need

The tools you'll need to recreate a style may differ slightly, depending on which style you pick. There are, however, some items that every style will require.
  • A hair styling wand: If you want instant curls, you're going to want one of these, get one that had a ceramic barrel for better heat distribution. The size of the barrel will depend on the size of the curl you want to achieve. The narrower the barrel, the tighter the curl.
  • A hair protectant: Using a curling wand or irons means that you're going to be using heat to style your hair. As much as we love our heated styling tools, they can do damage when used incorrectly. Use a heat protectant to soak up most of the heat before it reaches your hair.
  • Hair clips: These will be used to section out your hair and ensure that no one part of your hair is curled more than once. This prevents heat damage and ensures you get every part of your hair curled.
  • Finishing product: Depending on your own hair's needs, make sure you have any finishing product on hand for when you've finished curling your hair.

The Four Celebrity Hair Styles You Should Try

All of these hair styles are modern, cute, and flattering. Pick out your favorite and give it a try for yourself!
  • Sarah Jessica Parker: When Parker goes back to her wavy roots, it gives her a relaxed yet 'finished' look. It's a look you can use anywhere, from the office, to the bar, and even formal events. It's a look that's easily recreated using a hair wand set. This is the best tool, rather than curling tongs, as they give more relaxed waves.
All you need to do is give your hair an all over curl, and let them drop a little when they've cooled. This will result in the beachy waves that you're looking for, and look just 'done' enough for any occasion.
  • Kyra Sedgwick: Sedgwick almost always uses a curly look when she's on the red carpet. To copy her look, it's best if you have layered hair so you can get the best definition to your curls.
Use a leave in conditioner to keep your hair looking soft and shiny, and then use a narrow barrelled curler to curl the shorter layers around your face. You'll get a look that's perfectly polished and ready to wow people.
  • Dascha Polanco: The Orange Is The New Black star is a fashion icon in her own right, as well as being an accomplished actress. Her top knot and curls combo is a beautiful yet edgy take on the traditional curly 'do.
To get the look yourself, take the top section of your hair and wind it into a bun, positioning it right onto the top of your head. Then, you'll need to curl the hair that's left underneath. Polanco's curls are quite tight so you'll need a narrow barrelled professional hair curler to copy her look exactly. If you want more relaxed curls, try a larger barrel.
  • Viola Davis: Davis shows us that you don't need long, sweeping hair to get the curly look that's bang on trend. Her short, wavy bob is reminiscent of vintage '20's looks that are getting a lot of attention at the moment.

To get the look, you'll need to find a curling wand that has a midsized barrel. It needs to be able to give you those relaxed looking curls, while being narrow enough for you to get shorter hair around. Find the right wand, and you're most of the way there.

Buy The Right Curling Tool For You

professional hair curler

Ok, so you're already checking out the look you want to try. Where do you buy a curling wand or irons that can do the job? Here at HSI, we have a whole range of curling tools that are perfect for the job. All of our curling wands come with high tech technology as standard, so you'll get the best curl of your life with them. Here's just a few of the benefits you'll get with one of them:
  • HeatBalance technology: No more 'hot spots!' Heat will be evenly distributed along the barrel, giving you even heat the whole way through the curl.
  • Auto shut off: Never worry about leaving the curlers on again. All of our wands will shut off after a certain time, to ensre your safety.
  • Digital temperature readout: Get the temperature for your curling wand exactly right by adjusting it with the digital readout. You'll never have to guess at the right heat again.
  • Quick heat up: Who has time to wait around? Our wands heat up in seconds, meaning you're ready to start working on your hair straight away.

Give these styles a try and see if you fall in love with them. We're sure one of them will be perfect for you.


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