Whip Your Hair into Shape this Summer with HSI Products

Summer is approaching fast and that means getting ready for the humidity that accompanies it every year. Hair is sensitive to the changes in hydrogen in the air which is linked directly to humidity. The bulk of hair consists of bundles of keratin proteins and on a humid day makes them susceptible to changing shape. This accounts for the frizz that occurs, mostly in the summertime, and has led many people to find a solution to account for this problem.

What Products Help with Frizz?

Over here at HSI Professional, we’ve helped many of our consumers to improve the health of their hair and even to reverse heat damage. With summer lingering on the horizon, it’s only natural they would seek out our products to help with the frizz. The main question being: which of our products are best suited to the task? We have a variety of products to help our consumers to deal with frizz and we highly recommend our straightening irons and argan infused HSI Professional Hair Products. The reason we recommend these products above others is because they’re effective and helping to tame frizz.

How do Straightening Irons Help Tame Curls and Frizz?

Straightening Irons

Our collection of flat irons is popular since their heat changes the structure of hair itself. The heat flattens hair out and changes it texture helping to be smoother, silkier, and straighter to the touch. Combined with our HSI Professional Hair Products infused with argan oil, it’s easier to tame frizz. We have shared advice in the past with our consumers on how to get the most longer lasting results with our products. Preparing your hair for a straightening iron is an involved process, but it pays off in the end.

How Does Argan Oil Help?

Argan oil infused hair products are the best for helping to make hair fuller, healthier, and reversing heat damage. The reason argan oil is so ideal for hair health is it’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins vital to keep it healthy. People who have used argan oil for the first time have noticed immediate positive results. The reason we recommend argan oil so frequently is because it’s simply amazing, especially when combined with our hair products.

Argan oil helps to tame frizz naturally and over time has been known to help hair be more manageable. The nutrients in argan oil encourage cells to replicate and helps to make hair fuller and easier to manage over a long period of time. Hair that has suffered from heat damage will benefit even more from the use of argan oil since the all-natural oil helps to reverse it.

How Can You Protect Your Hair from Humidity During the Summer?

The structure of your hair is affected by the kind of environment you live in and the type of weather during the time of year. During the winter season hair can tend to be limp and dry since there is little moisture in the air. During the summer season humidity causes hair to start to curl and become wavy, which accounts for the frizz people experience. The best way to protect hair from becoming frizzy during the summer season is to use a hair straightener with our argan oil-infused hair care products.

Our consumers who prefer to have curly hair may want to only use our argan oil-infused hair care products since it will help to keep it tame and easier to manage. Another recommendation from HSI to keep frizz manageable to not use a blow dryer on your hair. The reason for this is a blow dryer dries out the moisture in your hair and may eliminate its natural oils. When hair is allowed to air dry it retains moisture and its natural oils.

This will help hair from breaking out into frizz and even make it easier to manage. You can dry out most of the moisture using a towel and brush your hair out once you’re done taking a bath or shower. Managing frizzy hair during the summer season doesn’t mean having to settle for less than perfect. Using the right products and being knowledgeable on how to manage hair will help you to keep your hair frizz-free during the summer.

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