NEW! Glider Brush by HSI Professional

Finally a straightening brush that works all the magic it claims!

Released on 2017-01-12

Dolores Does + Groover 4-piece Kit

Released on 2017-01-03

Groover 4-Piece curling wand kit

Interested in a few of the curls you can achieve with this kit? With 4 barrels, possibilities are endless, but here are a few examples!

Released on 2016-11-28

CareBox Unboxing!

Watch as Gia Vittoria discovers the magic of HSI Professional

Released on 2016-11-28

Tourmaline Flat Iron on Thick + Curly Natural Hair

Watch as Stephanie from Beauty By Lee discovers the magic of HSI Professional's tourmaline flat iron and how well it works on every hair type.

Released on 2016-11-28


Repair Your Hair + Preserve Color

Watch as Stef Sanjati discovers the magic of HSI Professional's CareBox!

Released on 2016-11-28

Groover Tapered curling wand

Experience the Groover Tapered wand in all its glory!

Released on 2016-11-28

Groover curling wand

Experience the Groover curling wand in all it's glory!

Released on 2016-11-28

Long, Thick, Curly Hair Straightened with HSI Professional

Watch as Michelle from Sparkle Me Pink straightens her long, thick, curly strands with HSI Professional.

Released on 2016-11-15

Damage Control!

Released on 2016-11-15

Dryonizer 5500 Turbo

Watch as Dolores Does tests out our Dryonizer 5500 Turbo hair dryer!

Released on 2016-11-15

Straightening 4c Hair with HSI Professional Glider Flat Iron

Released on 2016-11-15

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