HALLOWEEN is soon approaching, do you know what you will wear?

Upon the eve of September 30th, fans of Halloween eagerly await the clock to strike twelve, signaling the beginning of their favorite holiday of the year. With the seasons changing, the nights darker, the leaves changing color and the air cooler, it's no wonder Halloween is so popular! For most, it lasts all month long. For those stuck on which costume to do this year, here are ten different inspirations that might (or might not) spook you into doing it come October 31st!

If you haven't watched The Walking Dead at least once, you're missing out. Zombies have been 'IT' the last few years, and fans across the globe have created and recreated multiple ways of becoming undead. As shown above, you can head the more retro route, opting for a pop-art zombie that reminisces that of Andy Warhol. Got brains?


Don't have a heart? Doesn't matter! With this cool look, you're sure to gain the attention from other partygoers and trick or treaters this Halloween. Add a little grey or metallic temporary hair spray and you can't go wrong. 



Why... so... serious? Halloween is all about fun and messing around! When it comes to what costume you're planning on wearing, hit up the classic Joker costume and you're sure to impress everyone.


With the recent DC hit film, 'Suicide Squad' is sure to inspire girls across the globe to channel their inner Harley Quinn and look simply #badass!


All of us can defy gravity this Halloween and become the most well-known witch in the world: Elphaba! Or, as originally known, the Wicked Witch of the West. Don't forget the flying monkeys!


Known as one of the best villains in Disney's canon, Maleficent is certainly a costume that will never put us to sleep. 



Another classic costume, you can never go wrong with teasin' up that hair in order to search for your perfect Frankenstein.


You can't have too many zombies in one place -- they travel in herds! The trend as of late has been turning our precious Disney princesses into the grueling undead. It doesn't matter which princess you choose; when they're chasing after you, it's still terrifying!


Grab your sister or best friend, decide who is who, then arrive in style like the queens you are! There's nothing more fun than going to a Halloween party with your bestie having planned the best costumes!


For a deadly couple's idea, proudly enter the Halloween party with your Corpse Bride and show her off! Inspired by Tim Burton's animation film, "Corpse Bride," this definitely makes it on to the list as one of our favorite costume ideas for this halloween.

Need more help for ideas? Take our Halloween Quiz to see which costume you should wear! Happy Halloween everyone!

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