15 Awesome Undercut Ideas for Every Girl

by HSI Professional | Aug 31 2016

There are times in which we, as girls, feel the need to make a bold fashion statement; most of the time, we decide to get a different hairstyle. Nothing else can boost your confidence the way a risky, new haircut can! If you’re stuck on which risky ‘do to get, here are 15 different undercuts to get you thinking!



If you're thinking of going the shorter route, try out Miley's undercut! Talk to your stylist to help you cut those locks, shave the underside, and take all that weight off your shoulders. If your hair happens to be on the curlier side, HSI Professional's Dryonizer 3300 and Glider Elite can help achieve this edgy look.


Want to switch up the color while you're at it? Take some tips from Fashion Police's Fashion Correspondent, Kelly Osbourne, and choose a bright color that will make you stand out above the crowd!


It seems as if lately, everyone has been watching model/actress Cara Delevigne for their fashion inspiration. If you're unsure about shaving off half of your head, follow in Cara's footsteps and only shave off a small portion as a trial run!



Since making her appearance on Netflix's hit original show, "Orange Is The New Black," Ruby Rose has been the hot topic of fashion. Get this androgynous look if you're looking to take a little risk!


Perhaps your parents or significant other don't want you to make such a drastic change with your hair, but you still do! Here, the "Gone Girl" star opted for the safer road and shaved off a small part of her undercut.


Singer-songwriter, Hayley Kiyoko, combined the edgy feel of an undercut with a soft, feminine braid + bun duo for this photoshoot.



"Scary Spice" displays popping versatility with her undercut by adding some jeweled stars as an accessory!


British pop singer, Rita Ora, shows off her edginess with this awesome updo! If you choose this look, HSI Professional's Wet Line Set can help to keep it soft, healthy, and shiny!


Rosario is keeping it classy with this simple, elegant hairstyle. Paired with such a busy dress, the actress reminds us that something so simple can still look beautiful.


Proof that Rihanna can make any hairstyle work. To achieve her gorgeous, full curls to pair with your undercut, combine HSI Professional's Argan Oil Leave-In with our fantastic Groover Kit to help make it last all night long!


Don't want your hair to get in the way of showing off your newly shaved head? Follow rockstar Hayley Williams' hair-do and braid some of the strands that keep covering up that flawless cut!


Far from her days as a Disney Channel star, Demi Lovato proudly rocks that chic undercut -- and combined with the purple-ombré color, she definitely stands out as unique.



"Badlands" singer-songwriter, Halsey, never fails to wow us with her beauty. This bold statement can be kept healthy if you use HSI Professional's Argan Oil Hydrating Smoothing Mask to repair color-treated and styled hair.


Feel like including a design with your undercut? Ask your stylist to imitate Keke's simple lines into your undercut at your next appointment!


Overall, our favorite undercut! The "Game of Thrones" star maintains a sleek and edgy concept with this undercut choice. If you're looking to copy this look, we recommend using HSI's Hydrating Smoothing Mask before you shower to repair any damage. Once you've washed it out, use our Dryonizer 5500 Turbo to quickly (and quietly!) blow out your lovely tousles.


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