Awesome Undercut Ideas for Every Girl

There are times in which we, as girls, feel the need to make a bold fashion statement; most of the time, we decide to get a different hairstyle. Nothing else can boost your confidence the way a risky, new haircut can! If you’re stuck on which risky ‘do to get, here are 7 different undercuts to get you inspired, plus a board full of them on our Pinterest page


A beautiful pink and purple lotus inspired design, perfect for the girl who wants to show an edgy feminine side. 


The blue tips paired with the cool, tapering lines creates an interesting and fun look


The repetition on these lines is perfect, plus the last one is just slightly tapered, which brings visual interest 


Glitter onto the cut design? Glamorous 


Talk about edgy here! Zig zags for lyyyfe


An intricate pattern that makes me think of myan or ancient ruins


geometric pattern with a prismatic feel. Good color use too! 


If you loved these and want to see more, check out our Pinterest page with over 100 different undercut designs. You'll thank us later (;



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