4 Iconic Wedding Hairstyles For Brides or Bridesmaids

by HSI Professional | Sep 02 2014

Are you going to be a bride or a bridesmaid anytime soon? That’s great news, congratulations! We know how hectic preparations can get and how much attention you need to pay to the smallest details, especially when it comes to your look.

This is why we thought we’d give you a hand and send some wedding hairstyle inspiration your way. Weddings require for elegance and glamour, and these four iconic hairstyles fit for brides or bridesmaids are sure to put you on the style map on the big day.

  1. The Braided Up-Do

With a slight boho-chic feel to them, braids look romantic and feminine. They have been on trend for some time now, and this year they are still hot. Perfect for thick hair, a braid going across the back of your head is an elegant option. Update it with tiny flowers, in case you go for a garden party theme, and wear it with a broad smile!

  1. The Twisted Chignon

Unless you have a layered cut, this style is great for any lady with long hair. Layers normally slip form the braid and hang on the sides, and we’re not sure that’s what you want. First make a twist braid in the front, twist it across the back of your head and finish off in a low chignon, on the opposite end. This style is so beautiful that you will want to wear it even without any special occasion.

  1. Loose Curls

Besides diamonds, curls are a girl’s best friends, and this style is so easy to channel and also to achieve! Use the curling iron to give your hair a twist and create bouncy curls in the size of your choice. We love the medium-sized curls, which are not too loose but not too kinky either. They look flirty and they are universally flattering.

  1. Half-Up Half-Down

If a chignon makes you feel a little too “naked”, go for a stylish compromise. Take some front and side strands, pull them back and pin them up tight, while the half-down part still frames your face in a gracious way. A classic style that is perfect for fine hair, the half-up half-down is a winner.

Have you made up your mind yet, ladies?


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