6 Easy + Perfect Valentine's Day Hairstyles

by Jade Feasel | Jan 23 2017

Looking for that perfect V-day 'do? Don't you worry, we've got all the best Notebook worthy hairstyles right here, in one easy place. Check out Pinterest for How-To's on each style, and many many more! 

Classic curls with a beautiful flower piece to hold back just one side of your hair, so he has an excuse to brush back the other side over dinner (;

Short, straight hair? No worries, some cute baubles and braids can spice up and romanticize any hair type! 

Another one for the straight haired ladies, but also works well with some soft curls or waves. Pulling this sleek look off is actually much easier than you think!

A romantic and modern way to wear classic 40s hairstyle. This is updated with different curl sizes instead of the classic barrel curls that form into the glamorous Hollywood wave. 

So much easier than it looks, because it looks rockin! Three braided ponies and a few bobby pins later and you look ready for a ball.

Just one more for the straight haired ladies. A crown braid around lovely straight locks can be just as romantic as curls. Rock what your momma gave ya! 


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