9 Hairstyles That'll Make Any Rockabilly Swoon

by Jade Feasel | Sep 21 2016

Some of us here at HSI Professional are vintage hairstyle lovers, simply because of all those beautiful curls and waves. Since we can't hold back our excitement, we have given you a splendid display of retro inspired hairstyles for the Rockabella at heart.
 If you do decide you're a daring individual, send us those those beautiful hairstyles you created for a chance to be featured on our social media pages! jadef@hsiprofessional.com
First up is a twist on the classic victory roll. Two barrels open straight to the front, fashioned with a fun head scarf! This is by far a very complicated hairstyle that takes lots of practice to create seamlessly, as shown here. 
Beautiful retro waves paired with some more classic victory rolls. This is a major hairstyle used in the 40s and 50s and is most easily achieved with hot rollers and the help of a friend. 




Beehive with a retro twist. This is interesting because of the beehive being a classic, but modernized to what we more typically see today (thanks to Amy Winehouse). There is also a nice bang twist and lay happening here, so as not confuse that this style is anything but retro loveliness.



Remember seeing Rosie the Riveter? Well, this is an inspiration from her and the other 'bomber girls' working away while their men where overseas, fighting the good fight. It is a victory roll in the front with some fun, loose curls in the back. Tied up with a classic headscarf to bring some more rockabilly style into the mix, plus that gingham shirt!




Can anyone dis on Lana Del Ray? Hollywood classic waves, much like those we saw earlier, but without the victory rolls. This is another hairstyle done over the centuries because it just, looks, GOOD. Think old hollywood glamour. 



Woah, watch out! This is definitely a modern twist on the 'bomber girl' hairstyle. It's quite simple to achieve as well; hair back into a bun (or pony, if you prefer), roll the bangs into a fun circle above the forehead, and tie on a rockabilly patterned scarf!

Rockabilly patterns include - cheetah, cherries, gingham, polkadots, tattoo inspired print, classic bandana pattern, and sometimes you can even get away with flower prints.



For the girl with all the texture in the world - no need to curl those locks, let them live free and large! Two clips held tight behind the ears, and the bangs folded back into a large poof? You can rock that anywhere, anytime. 



An even easier look is the messy bun and bandanna. Leave the bangs out to create a 'poof' directly in the front, or laying off to the side as pictured, to create a retro style. Add a bandanna to the look and there's no way to go wrong.



Don't have time, but still wanna look like a dime? Push that messy hair back with a side knotted bandanna or head scarf, pull the bangs forward slightly (to give them a little body) and you're out the door!


 We hope you liked these fun retro inspired styles! Check out our curling iron set to help you achieve all those fun curls and victory rolls.


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