The Best Hairstyles at the 58th Grammy Awards

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s look is the new age girly pin up. She is a fan of flirty. Here are some of her everyday beauty hacks. If she has a yucky day she wears no makeup and lets her skin breathe. Remember your skin breathes just like you do. A colorful and pretty floral patterned outfit helps any girl get in touch with her feminine side. Nothing like some brightness to cheer you up. She loves Dr. Lancer Skin care line and she never falls asleep with makeup on. You don’t want to clog those pores. Great advice girly.

This little missy is known for that sleek straight pony. No worries, I know most people don’t have hair as thick as hers. That’s okay.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Dryonizer 2200 Ceramic Blow Dryer 
  • Glider Elite 1 1/4" Ceramic Flat Iron With Digital LCD 
  • Argan Oil Leave-In Hair Treatment 
  • Paddle Hair Brush with Rubber Handle
  1. First dry your hair with your Blow Dryer and Paddle Brush. Then hold your blow dryer going downward. You don't want to go against the hair cuticles which causes frizz. Blow dry brushing your hair straight down until fully dry.
  2. Then get out your Flat Iron. Straighten your hair straight back away from your face.  
  3. Now, if you have thick hair already just add a small amount of Argan Oil and comb slick with the Paddle Hair Brush.
  4. Then secure with a grip hair tie.
  5. Take a small piece of hair from under the pony to wrap around pin and spray your hairspray right on it.
  6. For finer hair get a Halo Hair Extensions piece and put it upside down. Pull the hair from the top and bottom. Then wrap your hair around it to hide it.
  7. Follow the same steps to secure it fashionably.

Perfect fashion statement all year round.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding looked like an Angel at the Grammy’s. Let’s be honest, she looks like an angel 24/7. So how does she do it? Here's some advice from Ellie herself. She’s likes to shower every morning and use a toner everywhere. She also puts a tanner in her everyday lotion for her angel like glow. She loves using a water based makeup remover because she feels as though it is gentler on the skin and easier to remove build up. When she was little she loved to watch her mother do her makeup. So this made her always want a more natural look (unless on stage). Ellie is yet another celebrity who favors the natural look. So, When in doubt shoot for natural.

Something about her makeup screams candy. It’s sweet and subtle.

This is one of my favorite styles to tell you all about. The hair is just so flowy that the word swoosh comes to mind. This is a total day two hair style. By that I mean when you've had a full day with your hair and wake up the next day without washing it.

Put some in some dry shampoo powder. Aveda has the best one and it contains no fluorocarbon (Lighter Fluid) which is horrible for your hair.

You will need your  

  • Dryonizer 2200 Ceramic Blow Dryer  
  • Round 3" inch Hair Brush
  • Groover Kit 4pc. Ceramic Curling Wand With Digital LCD
  • Paddle Hair Brush
  1. Section off the hair and round brush it with your Round 3” Hair Brush in the opposite way of your hair growth... straight up baby.
  2. Part your hair way over and keep round brushing it over.
  3. Tease the hair lightly into place.
  4. Whip out your 1.5” Curling Iron and curl the top layers away from your face.
  5. Use your Paddle Hair Brush to brush over and give it that natural look.
  6. Finish with a light flexible hairspray.

Chic, slick, elegant and Angel-like.

Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato rocked the chic, elegant look at this year's Grammy’s! Demi has some awe-inspiring beauty advice on how to stay looking chic. She says to cleanse your skin early in the night and every night. Your face and body collects germs just like anything else can so the more cleaning you do the better skin you will have. Don’t skip the night cream. Pick a night cream for your skin and let it work on your skin all night. Don’t use cheap products. You should use a product line that uses high performance ingredients. The small amount of change you are spending on cheap product is still a waste of your hard earned money. This is a great tip that I've shared with people for awhile now. Change your pillowcases often! Get those dead skin cells and germs off your pillowcases and away from your face. Use a smooth satin material as well and you will notice a new glow in your skin almost immediately.

Demi’s makeup has a great natural glow. She uses bronzers and earth tones to amplify her features.  

Now for her flowing locks of love.

Here is what you will need:

  • Dryonizer 2200 Ceramic Blow Dryer
  • Round 3" inch Hair Brush
  • Groover Kit 4pc. Ceramic Curling Wand With Digital LCD
  • Paddle Hair Brush
  1. Start by using a bodifying shampoo and conditioner.
  2. When you shampoo, before you rinse it out, put your conditioner on the ends and comb it through with a wide tooth comb and then rinse. You don’t want those oils at your scalp if you want all night body. Towel dry. 
  3. Apply your favorite high performance bodifying foam.
  4. Part your hair farther than you normally would for this look.
  5. Section off your crown and save that for last.
  6. Blow dry the bottom.
  7. When hair is all dry take down the top section and blow dry it the opposite way that you want your hair to go until it is 75% dry.
  8. Get out your Round 3" inch Hair Brush and round brush up and over the opposite way.
  9. At this point your hair will look pretty crazy. No worries though.
  10. Get the 1.5” Curling Iron and wrap your hair around it section by section.
  11. Make sure to bobby pin each of the curls like a roller.
  12. Get as close to the scalp as you can.
  13. Give it a light spray with distance.
  14. Let cool to the core for at least 5 minutes.
  15. Take out your Paddle Hair Brush and lightly brush over the top to get the Softness in the wave.  

It really is easier than it sounds and you will look supreme!

Thank you Demi for this amazing look and I hope all of you reading this can enjoy your new celeb look at home and about town.

Selena Gomez

This year Selena has a soft sultry look with a subtle glow to her skin. Let's start with how she keeps such a natural and healthy look going. She has some wonderful everyday advice for you readers. First, you need to have a daily skin care regimen. Make a morning routine of washing, exfoliating with a soft brush, dabbing dry, putting on your moisturizer and lastly applying eye cream. Then stick to it. She keeps the one and only Carmex with her for any lip irritations. Selina loves the texture and semi gloss of this product. Not all celebrities have one hundred dollar lip balms. She also loves being semi bronzed everywhere. Get a shimmer bronzer and add it to your daily lotion to get a more subtle bronze. Here's another wonderful piece of advice that I’ve been doing for years that she lives by; do not cake on your makeup! You have beautiful features no matter who you are. Show them off naturally. Don’t block the oxygen from your skin. Your skin needs to breath as much as you do.

Moving on to the best part, her gorgeous hair. Loosely flowing curls are the thing this year. There IS a trick to having these glamorous locks.

Use a deep cleansing shampoo and light conditioner. They normally have a less shiny look to them which gives it the softness without the high shine. Actually, not putting product in your hair helps you keep that matte look as well.

You will need the following:

  • Dryonizer 2200 Ceramic Blow Dryer
  • Classic 9 Row Styling Hairbrush 
  • Glider Elite 1 1/4" Ceramic Flat Iron With Digital LCD 
  • Groover Kit 4pc. Ceramic Curling Wand With Digital LCD 
  • Paddle Hair Brush
  1. Dry it with your Blow Dryer and Classic 9 Row Styling Hairbrush.
  2. Dry your hair fully until it looks like a frizzy afro.
  3. Take your Flat Iron and Straighten from the scalp to about 5” down everywhere.
  4. Spiral curl the rest of your hair with the Curling Iron.
  5. But before it completely cools use your Paddle Hair Brush and brush through top to bottom.
  6. Finish with a low shine hairspray and you are good to go!

    Go get your glow on!

    Taylor Swift

    Get your Bright on! Taylor Swift is focused on the brighter side of things. This is such a fun look. But first and foremost let’s talk about how she keeps herself looking amazing. This girl loves spiral irons. She loves having a fun wave that is easy to touch up. Someone saw her using her eyelash curler upside down. Then right side up on the bottom. She says this will give you longer lasting curl. When in doubt, wear red, lipstick that is. On a bad day red lipstick can make your face brighter instantly. One thing that is simple and so true and I love her for this. Listen to your MOM. Go with your intuition and mom knows best. Too cute!

    Her Grammy makeup is luminous.              

    The cut she has is what makes her hairstyle. Ask your stylist to give you a bob 3” under your ears. You should tell them you would like invisible textured layers which are the trick to this style. They give you those multiple lengths you see and the turn under. To style  

    You'll need the following:

    • Thermal Protector 450 With Argan Oil 
    • Dryonizer 2200 Ceramic Blow Dryer 
    • EZ Flow Vented Hair Brush
    1. Wash with a bodifying shampoo and do not rinse.  
    2. Lightly comb bodifying conditioner through your ends only and then rinse well and towel dry.
    3. You must add thermal Protector.  It's sulfate free, infused with Vitamins A,B,C & D. This is going to give you a silky, smooth look without weighing it down. Apply lightly to ends.
    4. Blow dry with your Easy Flow Vented Hair Brush. Make sure you are going slightly under with it.  
    5. This bob doesn’t have to be perfectly slick. Add some light texture paste at the ends and mess it up a little.  

      Looks wonderful!

      Andra Day

      Andra Day is a fan of the soulful classy looks. Her number one piece of advice is to always drink a lot of water. Your skin begs for that moisture and it will change your skin's life if you do so. She rocks the dramatic eye. Don’t be afraid to wing those cats out longer than normal, make a statement.. Andra is also a very passionate advocate for women's rights. And fights to stop trafficking any way she can. That is one amazing women. She really gives it her all as well.

      This hair looks tricky, but I believe in you.

      Tools needed:

      • Glider Elite 1 1/4" Ceramic Flat Iron With Digital LCD 
      • Classic 9 Row Styling Hairbrush 
      • Groover 1" Ceramic Curling Wand With Digital LCD
      1. This is day 2 style if you want it to last. You need those extra oils for the hold.
      2. Apply a high performance dry shampoo at the new growth and brush through.
      3. Section off the front for later.
      4. If not already straight get out your Flat Iron and get it fairly straight with a small flip going under.
      5. Apply a hard hold at every section you are going to tease.
      6. TEASE TEASE TEASE then tease more.
      7. Make it an Afro.
      8. Get out your Classic 9 Row Styling Hairbrush  and lightly brush over the top in shape until you see no more frizz.
      9. Take the back and twist it in a circle so it looks like a loops in the back.
      10. Pin the little bun in the back right above the neck in place, trying not to show bobby pins.
      11. Take out the front piece that was sectioned off and curl it with your 1" inch Curling Iron.
      12. Twist the front pieces into circles going away from the face and pin being careful to hide the bobby pins as well.
      13. Spray spray spray with your favorite shine spray and hard hold hair spray.

      All Jazzed up and ready to go. Have fun!

      Anna Kendrick

      Anna Kendrick has such a great look all the time. She even combines it well with sophisticated. Let’s hear some fun beauty proposals from the little lady herself. She hates the way sunscreen smells. A fresh lotion like smelling sunscreen is way better. Preventing age is easier than curing age. So treat your skin right. Makes sense. Hearing this next one a lot but so true. Always wash your makeup off before bed. Never gets old. It’s preached over and over again but one of the number one pieces of information that you should live by. Anna also says, don’t layer your makeup. Like a literal cake you can get layers and lumps, then look way to heavy. Just add concealer to the places needed. She agrees with the fact that you need a good moisturizer for your skin to keep from aging before you try to “cure it.”

      This style is a little tricky to instruct. But let’s start with what you need:

      • Dryonizer 2200 Ceramic Blow Dryer 
      • Groover 1" Ceramic Curling Wand With Digital LCD
      1. Wash with your favorite high performance curl shampoo.
      2. Apply your favorite high performance curl conditioner to your midshaft and ends.
      3. Dry well with a towel.
      4. Apply your favorite sea salt high performance spray.
      5. Get out your blow dryer,
      6. Put your head upside down and scrunch while drying until fully dry,.
      7. section off the mess.
      8. Curl section with your 1" inch curling iron and after you curl each piece pull it for the second day curl look.
      9. on the top curl right to the new growth,
      10. Let cool (at least 5 minutes.), comb out.
      11. Spray your favorite high performance light hair spray and scrunch again.
      12. Twist the top up and back on both sides loosely and criss cross pin it.
      13. Spray once more and you're good to go!

      Ready to take on the world. You rock!

      Carrie Underwood

      Carrie Underwood is looking chic and sleek on the red carpet at the Grammy’s. She has some wonderful advice on how to stay beautiful on a daily basis. Keep it simple. You don’t need a complicated makeup. You can spice it up on a night out with a brighter lip or a heavier shadow. No need to feel frumpy. Stay dolled up! No matter where you are even at home cleaning, it feels good to have on a comfy dress and light makeup. Carrie found out that even the lights at your house has UV. Always wear a moisturizer with SPF even around your home. She also always has a smokey eye touch up palette in her purse.

      Her hair is full of body and sleek at the same time. Let’s get started!

      You will need your:

      • Dryonizer 2200 Ceramic Blow Dryer 
      • Glider Elite 1 1/4" Ceramic Flat Iron With Digital LCD 
      • Thermal Protector 450 With Argan Oil 
      • Classic 9 Row Styling Hairbrush 
      • Large Bombshell Rollers
      1. Use a deep cleansing shampoo.
      2. Put a volume conditioner lightly on the ends of your hair. Towel dry.
      3. Spray lightly with Thermal Protector.
      4. Apply your favorite high performance root boost.
      5. Use your Blow Dryer and Classic 9 Row Styling Hair Brush to blowdry your hair up and back. Hair dryer should be front to back closing the cuticle.
      6. Use your Flat Iron. Straighten up and back from bottom to top.
      7. Now blow dry your hair one more time at the top going forward and back. Then put in large bombshell rollers. Rollers NEVER go out of style!
      8. Let cool to core.
      9. Remove the rollers.
      10. Spray your favorite high performance hairspray at roots.
      11. Tease into place.
      12. Give it one more shot of hairspray.

      All night va va volume baby! Enjoy yourself, you’re worth it.


      Adele always has such a classy vintage well-mannered look. So how does this beauty icon keep her otherworldly look? She has some easy everyday advice. Fill your brows. The frame of the face, is one of the first things people see. Keep them well kept. Stay retro, in the eyes at least. Wear a dramatic eye. Wing those cats out far, along with the lashes, have fun with it. Be fearless with your contour. Use those fun contour techniques you see all over. Test it out, try again, you’ll get it. Adele has an amazing pout. She wants you to use and abuse that god given pout you all have. Plump up those lips, fill from outside to in and push them out for the world to see.

      Adele was just so… Blissful. Glowing from head to toe.

      Getting started on the hair. The color is a melt from a yes an oxymoron, warm and cool (I like to call it toffee) dark blonde to the warm caramel blonde. This smooth melt has a lot to do with an Ombre’ brush. Looks like a makeup brush but helps the transition. One of my favorite utensils in the salon.

      So how to get this next oxymoron of a hairstyle. Perfect messy hair.

      Let’s get out your:

      • Smoothing Shampoo 
      • Smoothing Conditioner 
      • Dryonizer 2200 Ceramic Blow Dryer 
      • Round 3" inch Hair Brush 
      • Glider 1" Ceramic Flat Iron 
      • Paddle Hair Brush
      1. Shampoo twice with the amazing HSI smoothing shampoo.
      2. Condition the ends with the HSI luxury smoothing conditioner. Rinse thoroughly. Towel dry.
      3. Now put in your favorite high performance ingredient sea salt spray, root to ends.
      4. Towel dry again and squeeze.
      5. Get out your Blow Dryer and Round 3” Inch Hair Brush.
      6. Round brush your hair down fairly straight until fully dry.
      7. Use your Flat Iron (Sounds tricky but you got it.) look at the shape and flow of the style. Lightly from root to ends in large sections make a light wave. Picture in your mind where exactly you want your hair to go.
      8. Use your sea salt spritz once again and give it a scrunch.
      9. Give it a light hold spray with your best high performance hairspray.
      10. Let dry and run over the top with your Paddle Hair Brush.

      You are blissful as well. Have fun.

      Meghan Trainor

      Meghan Trainor is a free spirit. Her confidence and glam is just inspirational. So how does she wake up and live every day to the fullest? Well Miss Megan has some great everyday advice for you readers. Everyone has had a bad makeup day. Cover that sleepless night with some cute sunglasses. Hell, you can wear them all day if your want. Don’t be ashamed to wear extensions! Half the world's females have them, don’t be nervous. My favorite  extensions personally are halo extensions. Less damaging to the hair and 123 easy to use. Meghan advises you all to wake up every day, look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I’m gorgeous!” Love yourself in every way. Lastly, on your way out the door always have a tinted gloss in hand. She loves the easy maintenance of a nice tinted gloss. Not too matte, not to shiny, just right.

      So let's talk about how she gets the voluminous curls.

      First you will need to get out these supplies.

      • Dryonizer 2200 Ceramic Blow Dryer 
      • Groover 1" Ceramic Curling Wand With Digital LCD 
      • Round 2 1/2" inch Hair Brush 
      • Argan Oil Leave-in Hair Treatment
      1. Shampoo your hair with your favorite high performance ingredient voluminous shampoo.
      2. Use a moisturizing conditioner.
      3. Rinse thoroughly. Towel dry.
      4. Apply a pea size of Argan Oil Leave-in Hair Treatment at the midshaft and ends of your hair.
      5. Blow dry upside down until about 75% dry.
      6. Round brush the rest normally.
      7. Spray on your favorite high performance ingredient sea salt spray.
      8. Spiral wrap each section around your 1” inch Curling Iron.
      9. Finish with a medium flexible hair spray.

      Voluminous all night sweetheart.

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