All You Need to Know From the Golden Globes '17

Miss the Golden Globe Awards last night? No problem, we gotchu! Everything that's being talked about is right here, so you don't miss out on that office gossip.

 First off, Meryl Streep's incredibly delicate speech that still hit us all at full force. She took to the stage showing disappointment for our president elect and his actions, but without ever saying his name. Watch as the crowd discovers what she's really talking about, and how she so intelligently describes our current epidemic. Read Donald's response here. 


But before even that happened, we witnessed a more than hilarious opening skit by the talented Jimmy Fallen. I mean, if there is anything worth seeing, it's this! 


Last but not least, we can't forget the best dressed ladies of the carpet:

Our #1 best dressed is Rachel Wood because she, like a few others, rocked the red carpet in a pant suit. These wonderful women did this to show young girls that dresses are not required, do not make you a girl, plus it was a fun homage to David Bowie and Marlene Dietrich. We're not crying, that's something in our eye. 


We typically stray away from the big, pink, frilly dresses but... can that rule really be applied here? The details in this gown are infinite and give the dress this vintage, 1800s feel.  Old school hollywood glamour never dies, particularly on Lilly Collins.


Emma Stone in a gorgeous and delicate soft pink dress with glittering details. She stuns and creates a monochrome look that we are drooling over. 


What did you enjoy most about The 2017 Golden Globe Awards? 

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