Beautiful Braid Styles For Every Hair Type

Braids have made a serious comeback this Fall - and not just with ethnic hair. Women of every hair type can rock a good set of braids, and fortunately there are plenty of braid styles to go around.

The best part about having your hair braided is that it gets a break from regular styling and is protected against harsh elements. Plus, it gives you plenty of space to get creative and switch up your look!

Here are a few cool braid styles you can try this Fall:


Cornrows are a popular and easy braid style to achieve. This sleek look keeps the hair out of the face and highlights your cheekbones.


Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are becoming a trend these days, and this style appears to be all kinds of complicated. But with a few YouTube tutorials this style is surprisingly easy to master!


Box Braids

box braids - braid styles

Box braids are considered to be a protective hairstyle, and are slightly thinner than your regular braid. Box braids can be done with or without extensions, but most women like to add them in for some color. This is what makes box braids a good option if you want to switch it up!


Mermaid Braids

Mermaid braids are done in different varieties, but the results are always stunning! This is great style for a night out or dinner party. This look is hard to learn, but it is definitely worth trying. Practice makes perfect!


Micro Braids

braid styles micro braids

These teeny tiny micro braids are a big trend in African American hair, mainly because they are super versatile. Pull them into a ponytail, make a big bun or even braid them into a super braid. Now this style does take a long time to get done, but your patience will pay off.


Waterfall Braids

This cascading braid style is becoming a favorite! This is done similar to a French braid, only the you let some small pieces pass through to create the “waterfall” effect. This is braid tends to work well other braiding styles.


Braided Bun

The braided bun look can be achieved in many ways, but generally gives off a clean and elegant look. This style is easy to do at home and works well for every hair type!

Upside-down Braids

braid styles - upside down braid

The upside-down braid creates a cool, classy vibe and is more becoming popular. Basically, this is a French braid that starts at your neckline and usually ends in a high bun. This style is cool because it shows off the dimensions of your hair - especially if you have more than one color!


5-Strand Braids

5-strand braid styles

5-strand braids are exactly what they sound like - instead of using 3 strands of hair, you use 5. This gorgeous style can be mixed with other braid styles giving you a lot of options to play with!


French Braids

braid styles - french braids

French braids can be worn in an endless amount of ways, which makes them a must-know braiding basic. These classic braids are super easy (and quick) to do on yourself and are a quick solution to a bad hair day!


Milkmaid Braids

milkmaid braids - braid styles

Milkmaid braids are the latest Hollywood trend and has been seen on quite a few celebrities lately. Also known as “crown braids” this style more versatile than it looks and can be blended with other hairstyles and braids. No need to have perfect plaits for this look, milkmaid braids are supposed to be a bit messy.

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