Christmas Beards!

You may have already seen these two faces around, they like to decorate their beards regularly. They even made a How To so you can glitter your beard yourself! They're the kind of people we need more of, so we took it upon ourselves to find like minded individuals. Here are a bunch of fun photos with men who dedicated their time to beard decorations, particularly holiday style. How fun! 


So many colors! These two created a funny Youtube video for their first time trying this new fad and it's totally worth watching.


These guys created beard baubles specifically for christmas, and you can get yours here once they restock! 

Snowflakes! Not necessarily holiday, but most certainly winter. We love it! 


This is the type of man who chops wood and hunts for dinner, but also decorates his beard. I don't mind. 


Not just your beard, he made himself into a full on christmas tree! 


Very regal of you, sir.

Man those are GOLD. Glitter will be everywhere, I am sure.

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