Easy, Back to Work Bun

Who doesn't need an easy and sophisticated bun style that is office appropriate? Plus, this bun exudes old hollywood glamor, which instantly creates a sense of power for the wearer and their audience. Besides, everyone needs an easy, stylish hair trick in their back pocket for those days when our locks have a mind of their own. 


Zooey Deschanel rocked this look on the red carpet of FOX Television and FX's post Emmy party. 
But don't fret if you don't wear bangs like Zooey, it works for bang-less gals too, like Cheryl Cole!
 What you'll need:
A boar bristle brush 
Bobby Pins
Two ponytail holders 


    Once all of the needed tools and products are gathered and your hair is dry, we can get started!

    1. Take a dime sized amount of HSI Professional's argan oil leave-in treatment and spread it through your hair from mid length to ends. This will prevent any frizziness and keep your hair shiny!
    2. Let dry.
    3. Grab a thick top layer of your hair - from your crown to the back of your head at eye level. 
    4. Separate these into two sections, leaving the topmost layer to the side for a moment as you tease the second layer with your boar bristle brush 
    5. Now tease the top layer slightly and smooth it over the second layer, meeting the two layers into one thick top layer as in step 3. 
    6. Smooth any excess hair down with your bristle brush and a pull into a ponytail at the back of your head at eye level.  
    7. Take the remaining lower half of your hair and pull into a ponytail just below the first ponytail. 
    8. Tease this second ponytail with your bristle brush.
    9. Now bring both the first pony and second pony together, and roll into a bun toward the nape of your neck. Some medium haired ladies will simply need one roll, or a scoop, toward the nape of their necks. 
    10. Once the hair is rolled toward your neck, secure in place with a few bobby pins against your lower head/nape. 
    11. Any stragglers falling out of the bun or ponytail? Keep em there, we will fancy them with the smallest part of our HSI Professional's tapered curling wand to create a nice relaxed curl. 
    12.  If there are not any already, you can pull a few face framing strands from your pony and curl those as well. 
    13. If you have bangs like Zooey, just make sure to curl them slightly so there do not lay flat on your forehead.
    14. Once all the strands are curled, spritz everywhere with hairspray and you're ready to go! 

    Wasn't that easy? Great way to look fresh on a day you hit snooze one too many times. Stay tuned for more exciting hairstyles for your everyday life. 

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