Get the Instagram Brows You've Always Wanted

The Cara Delevingne effect is not dead. Thick, bushy brows are more in demand than ever thanks to the youthful, natural look they give. Have you been over plucking lately and now bitterly regretting it? Ditch the tweezers and embrace the following tips.


Pencils and Powder

The quickest way to fake perfect brows is by drawing them.

Applied with an angled brush, brow shadow will give your arches a soft look, while a pencil in the right shade will fill in the bigger pale spots. Apply the pencil with short, light strokes that overlap as if you were drawing hairs.

To combine the two, first shape your brows with a pencil and fill in those big spots. Then follow with a powder and blend everything together to soften. 


Natural Oils and Serums

If you are the DIY type, arm yourself with castor (or coconut) oil. Rub a small amount on your brows every evening before going to sleep and rinse it off with warm water in the morning. This is a very effective remedy to naturally boost your eyebrows nourishing the hair follicles and promoting growth.

Conditioners are meant to speed up the growth process of your brows and are an easier to use alternative to oils. Revitabrow is a fantastic over the counter serum which rehabilitates sparse brows and awakens dormant follicles encouraging root growth.


Brow Extensions

Ideal for tweaking the brow shape and filling bald patches (due to excessive tweezing or scars), professional brow extensions are similar to eyelash extensions: individual silk and synthetic hairs are placed onto the eyebrows for a fuller look. They can last up to two weeks and need regular maintenance (totally worth it if you want a higher arch, more curve, or a longer tail).

Ready to step up your brow game, ladies?

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