Hair History: Jared Leto

First the musicians of 30 Second to Mars become relevant in hollywood media, followed by their front man Jared Leto, who soon came into his own popularity. Jared Leto is now known as one of the most interesting musician actor combo in Hollywood. If you didn't know, he is particularly known for his hair statements over the years, and we are here to put it all in one place for you.


If you didn't know Jared before the pink 'hawk, you certainly did after this die and cut job. At the peak of 30 Seconds to Mars, and the beginning of Jared Leto himself. 

He followed with a very Edward Cullen from Twighlight look to help with the grow out process, which we all know is such a drag. 

Getting away from the Vampy look, he escalated to a sleek and shiny very professional 'do. How does he manage to make everything look good?

At the height of Man Bunism, Leto upped the game and had his stylist Ombre his locks! Talk about fearless toward gender stereotypes. Plus, he rocks this just as well as half the women out there! 

Swathing it up, but still dancing on the line of gender appropriation, he gets a massive chop and dyes it hot pink! Maybe he's missing his pink mohawk? 

For the hype of the Joker role he played, with much controversy, he kept the lime slime green for real life too. 

Lastly and most recently Leto has gone back to the sleek and professional slick back. Do you think the long locks are in the near future?  


We sure hope so! 

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