Hair History: Rita Ora

by Jade Feasel | Nov 16 2016

If Rita Ora is known for her top hit songs, it's most certainly for her different experiments with hair! In the U.S. she seems to have gained popularity on this fact alone. From colors to classic looks, we've got it all here for you! 


Classic old school hollywood glamour. Oozing elegance!


Here is Rita in her more natural state, still oozing all kinds of elegance. 


Straightened, pink and purple locks. A much more playful vibe here. 


Staying sleek and colorful with a grow out, but she added some blues this time! 


Here's the CHOP! and we love it. 


The chop received a Gwen like makeover with platinum all the way to the roots. 


Now there's an all pink 'do in a bob, also loving it. 


Back to blonde, but she didn't forget the pink in there! and a stitch of blue! 

She is styled with her short blonde and pink 'do, with addition to some faux hair pieces by CocoPerez


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