Hair History: Scarlett Johansson

Scarlet Johansson has been through MANY different styles, in all the natural color ranges. We've brought some of the most significant styles together right here for you.


Starting in the early years, Scarlett dons a normal 'do for the time, with her naturally dark locks

Moving into 2001 she opts for shorter, sleeker strands.

Does this keep getting worse, or is it just us? Scarlett is still proud of rocking this textured, mullet inspired hairdo, and even wore a "I heart Mullets" shirt often during this time. Do your thang girl!

Back to long and brown, she added some warm tones that match perfectly with her signature red lips!

Still warm, but now Scarlett went blonde! This is a style she donned for a long time before going dark for her Black Widow roll. 

A classic style that works perfectly on her face shape, and that messy style adds even more irresistibility!

Here she seems to be channeling a little Ruby Rose! Grab yourself some Argan Oil and spritz will hairspray to get this ever-wet look. 

And lastly, the new mom's most recent style as she still dons a pixie cut. She is glowing of motherhood and seems to left her red lips behind for a subtler, softer pink. 


Which one is your favorite? 

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