Hair History: Taylor Swift

by HSI Professional | Dec 06 2016

When Taylor Swift made her way up the charts with her music, a lot of people remembered her by her hair! Her curly locks were looked up to by fans everywhere. However, since 2006, a lot has changed. Here is Taylor Swift's hair history.


2006 - Twisted golden locks!

2007 - Her hair has been colored to be more cooler toned, still curly as ever.

2008 - Her curls become looser and she rocks a more defined side bang.

2009 - Highlights better define her curl pattern.

2010 - Her curls become looser and more unified.

2011 - Her curls become waves, Taylor straightens her hair a lot more now.

2012 - Bangs! Taylor works the fringe and wave combo.

2013 - Still rocking the bangs, she gets a shorter cut.

2014 - The big chop. Taylor embraces a short wavy bob.

2015 - Her bangs evolve to a longer side swept fringe.

2016 - Taylor lightens to a platinum blonde color.



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