Here's Why You Should Go Natural In 2017

by Nichole Dawkins | Dec 28 2016

The year is coming to an end, but 2016 was definitely the year for going natural. It seems as though women everywhere are giving up chemical relaxers (aka creamy crack) and rocking their natural curls instead. Natural hair is in right now and it is definitely here to stay. But if you haven't taken the all natural plunge yet then 2017 may be the perfect time to start!

Here are a few reasons you should leave the relaxers in 2016 and embrace your natural curls in the new year:

It's healthier for you and your hair

Chemical relaxers are extremely damaging to you hair, plus the chemicals seep right into your scalp and have recently been proven to effect your overall health.

It's not as hard to manage as you think

Now if you are new to being natural, then you there are a few things you will have to learn. Don't be intimidated! You will hit a few snags, but once you find your routine and conquering your favorite protective styling techniques, you are good to go!

It's versatile

Natural hair can go into way more styles than relaxed hair. You can change your look everyday if you want to. You can have twists one day and an afro the next. Feel like straitening your hair for that weekend party? Go for it! With proper care, your natural hair can really give you any style you are feeling for any day you want. Pretty damn awesome.

It saves you money

Going to the salon regularly to maintain you chemically processed hair can get quite expensive. But when you are natural, you really don't need much to maintain. Unless you are a hair product junkie, going natural is not that costly. All you need is the basics: a good shampoo or co-wash, detangling conditioner, leave-in conditioner and your standard styling tools(brush, wide-tooth comb, bobby pins, etc). Now depending on your styling preference you may need other products, but that’s pretty much it.


It's freaking cool


Natural hair make a statement and can make you feel pretty damn powerful. By rockin' your natural locks you are telling the world that there is more than one way to be beautiful. And that is a great message to send to young girls who are constantly told what they are born with is ugly. Today, natural hair is seen as unique and special from everyone who passes by. Prepare yourself for the compliments!

No matter how you got here, there is no right or wrong reason to go natural! f you make the decision to go natural, make sure that it is your own decision and not anyone pressuring you. Remember that this is your hair and your journey. 



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