How To: Full Lips that LAST! (no injections)

Good news: you don’t need lip augmentation to achieve the full lips you’ve been dreaming of. Here are 5 easy tricks to give you a sexy selfie pout.

  • Use a lip liner that is 1-2 shades darker than your lip color to draw a contour line over your Cupid’s bow. Continue contouring from the bow to the corners of your mouth with a liner in the same color as your lips for a natural effect. 
  • Gently move a dry toothbrush in small circles over your lips for a few minutes every day. It boosts blood circulation and promotes a gorgeous rosy hue.
  • Apply a drop of lip gloss (or shimmering balm) in the center of your bottom lip for a more voluminous pucker. The shimmer will reflect light making lips appear larger. This can also be achieved with a transparent highlighter on top of your lipstick. 
  • Try a tingling lip gloss like Plumprageous. This formula slightly irritates the lips bringing blood to the surface, which makes them swell temporarily. These plumping glosses don't last long, but they do give you the most prominent pucker. 
  • Mix a couple drops of peppermint oil with a teaspoon of coconut oil and use it as a lip plumping treatment with a hydrating effect. These natural oils improve blood circulation and cause lips to swell. Once absorbed, apply your regular lipstick. This natural method will last slightly longer, and is much healthier for your lips on a daily basis. 

What is your secret for the large lip pucker everyone envies?

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