Kids With Cool, Unnatural Hair Color

Kids like cool hair, and if your a millennial mom than your not-so-little one may be asking you for a major hair color change! With all the cool-haired role models out there for kids today (Katie Perry, Rita Ora, Jared Leto, Miley Cyrus), it's no surprise that more and more children are begging their parents for unnatural hair colors.

Many parents avoid dying their kids' hair because they worry that chemicals in commercial dyes that aren't suitable for children. For others, it's simply something they don't want their child to do until they are older. And then there are those parents who just don't want their kids wearing an unnatrual hair color period - this post isn't for you.

Allowing your kid to have colored hair is a great way to allow them to express themselves at a young age. I'm not saying that everything will be acceptable, some schools have rules about what kids can wear as far as hair and nail color. But if your school is open to this harmless form of self-expression, why not? Keep the locks bright with our color preserving shampoo and conditioner while you're at it

Check out some of these super cool unnatural hair colors these little kids are rockin' at their schools:

This ocean-colored hair dye is the perfect fit for this little Mermaid


How cute are these red spikes of this guy?


Full head dye too much for your toddler? Try dipping her hair ends in pink to get this cool look!


Red streaks look pretty cool on this stylish baby girl

Purple hair for this princess please, she's got the outfit to match!

This pink-red hair dye and bangs make this adorable girl look like a mini Katie Perry!

Love the blue Mohawk on this cutie, but maybe we can leave the surfer toy at home :-)

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