Neon Hair Color - Perfect for Halloween!

A couple years ago Pravana came out with this fun hair color that is neon in the daylight, and glows under blacklight! Lately is has really picked up momentum and people are dying their hair all sorts of colors. Mixing colors together, blending, and using partial natural hair coloring has all been done, but there is always room for more creativity. 

As we reach the Halloween season in all it's glory, these blacklight glowing hair colors are perfect. Check out a few of the fun photos we found just by searching Instagram. 

Can you say mermaid perfect? 

Though these curls could use some tousling, this shows a good contrast of what you get day vs. blacklight.

Can you imagine these at your Halloween party? Or are you still not sure what to wear? What should YOU wear for Halloween quiz is on our Facebook now, check it out and find your 2018 Halloween costume! 

Send us photos of your neon hair by tagging #hsiprofessional or sending us a direct message. You just may be featured on our social channels! 

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