Newest & Coolest Hair Trend: Hair Piercing!

To pierce anywhere on your body is THRILLING. Excitement comes from a new piercing to distinguish you from the rest of the crowd. Recently, it's not only skin that can be pierced -- hair piercing is the new trend! Want the cool aesthetics of having various piercings without the commitment or the pain? Here are a few hair inspos to get you thinking!


KEASH BRAIDS is a pop-up hair salon that specifies in hair braiding in South London. They have 12 signature braids, and for some extra cash you can add hair rings as pictured above! Can Keash Braids pop up in the States, please?


Who said that hair piercing only involved rings? Add some studs to those dutch braids to take a little risk to look absolutely cool!

Braids are a part of youth and girl culture. They help to keep those rebellious tousles kept up tight and looking beautiful! For a '90s kitchy look, braid up your hair and add some boho-chic rings into that gorgeous 'do.

Going to a party and don't know what new hairstyle to do to make you stand out? Take some inspiration from Shay Mitchell and pull up your hair in a big bun. Separate a few strands, and add some hair piercings that match your outfit! You are guaranteed to be the talk of the party.

Who else is going to start piercing their hair? We know we are! As the newest style trend, we're sure to see more hair rings, studs, and piercings in the fashion that's to come.

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I love this idea of hair piercing, it adds a new dimension to hair. It’s a great finishing touch!

shirle September 19, 2016

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