NYFW 2016's Best Nail Art!

by HSI Professional | Sep 20 2016

Sit for a moment and try to imagine being backstage at New York Fashion Week: The hustle to get the models ready for the runway, rushing to complete their hair and makeup on time -- but wait! What about their nails? Each year, nail artists and technicians up their game, trying out different ways and styles to design the tiny canvas that is our nail bed. The 2016 New York Fashion Week was no different! Here's a list of our favorites in nail art from NYFW!


Simple and classy, sometimes all you need is one single color to pair with the rest of your look! Whether light or dark, this type of nail art is sure to never go out of style! If you would like, pick a single nail to add a subtle design to make it pop!


The latest trend in nail art has been the gradient look! Going from light to dark, dark to light, or combining two different colors can create a soft transition in your design!



Sometimes, you're just craving for a cute design on all of your nails! Ask your nail artist to help you decide on which design to pick!


Color block isn't just for clothes anymore, ladies and gentlemen! Decide on two contrasting colors, and let your nail artist do their work to get this awesome look for your nails!


One of the coolest trends recently has been playing with negative space! A subtle, tiny design for the smallest canvas is sure to get everyone's attention!


Lastly, the nail art from both the Jeremy Scott and The Blonds runway shows display absolute beauty and make a chic fashion statement! Adding a simple gem, or something to make it stand out will draw the eyes of everyone around you!

Which of these nail art designs inspires you to make an appointment with your nail technician?


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