Rockin' Your Natural Hair In The Office

There are so many things to worry about when starting a brand new job. Will you enjoy the position? What will your new coworkers be like? What should you wear? And oh wait - what about your hair?

Something as simple as hair might not seem like an issue worth worrying about, especially if you have naturally straight locks. But for those of us with naturally curly hair, there can be deeper issues that come with rocking your naturalness at work. You may or may not encounter old fashioned attitudes about office appropriate hairstyles, even if styled beautifully. If you’re a woman of color who proudly wears her hair as it naturally grows out of her head, this can become quite frustrating, even insulting.

But I have good news - whoever told you that corporate America isn’t ready for natural hair is totally wrong! There are plenty of hairstyles fit for all textures and curl types that are professional enough to take to work - and none of them required a relaxer or sew-in to accomplish.

Try one of these natural looks next time you're getting ready for work:


The Tuck Twist & Pin Fro

Simple, stylish and done in less than 5 minutes, this style is a great for those days when you just don’t know what to do with your hair.


The Neat Messy Bun

Everyone loves a messy bun! But you can keep it a little neater for the workplace by smoothing out the base with a conditioning oil or gel. Feel free to add in some hair flair!



Curly Buns

Also known as “afro puffs”, this simple to do old-school style requires just two hair ties, a comb and little hair moisturizer to pull off.


Box Braids

Don’t feel like having to worry about styling your natural hair before work everyday? Opt for a protective styling option such as box braids. Then style them however you'd like!


The Straight Up Afro

There’s never anything wrong with just rocking the classic afro. Add a little more flair with cute headbands and decorative hair clips!

So before you decide you need to get a weave and your job has no room for your hair type, try one of these gorgeous office appropriate looks next time your feel like being fancy! Share you styles with us on Instagram @hsiprofessional :-)

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