SAVE YOUR HAIR COLOR: Take Home the Shampoo + Conditioner Your Stylist Uses

I'll star off by saying I am a fanatic for crazy and bright colored hair. I have been a proud member of the #UnicornTribe so long I might as well been born with #MermaidHair. I am no stranger to those wonderful colors just washing down the drain, quite literally. I was so worried and sad when I washed my hair, until I finally found a most wonderful solution! And for the ladies with more naturally found colors in their hair, this is still totally important for you to understand.

Though I typically don't buy into that 'we're the solution, everyone else has been lying to you', I was so desperate to try anything to save my expensive and fun hair color that my resolve was softened when I heard about HSI Professional.  The wash sets I tried prior to HSI Professional were all also labeled 'color safe' but they didn't really do jack to keep my color from washing right out. for some reason, I made one last resolve to a new shampoo + conditioner. Maybe it was luck, maybe it was the universe speaking to me, but I have certainly found the solution. 

First off, HSI Professional's deep conditioning mask is a split end erase and major preventative step after first coloring my hair. With the mask smelling wonderful (most have a faint chemical smell behind all that perfume), and results showing after only 10 minutes, I am most pleased with everything about this mask. I typically put this onto my dry hair before bed, and wake up to wash it out with a normal shower routine. Simply magical in saving my hair, no lies. 

And for my everyday (well, every other day really, because we all know that's what is best for our hair and scalp) wash routine I use their wash set that is full of argan oil, which makes the smell also wonderful. The shampoo is sulfate free, which is fantastic for your hair and partially why the color can be saved. This also means it won't lather like many regular shampoos that do contain sulfate (or something similar). The conditioner is most hydrating and works exceptionally well to smooth my hairs flyways. Plus, the entire HSI Professional line is safe for all kinds of extensions. I'm serious, it won't slide them!  

Make your colors pop and last for months with HSI Professional, you won't regret it. 

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