Swim Week's Best Hairstyle

We miss swim week already! What an exciting week filled with so many fantastic people working hard to bring the show to life. As the official hair sponsor for swim week, we styled every hair look for every show by Funkshion. A plethora a gorgeous manes came into our chairs and we had a few styles we hold dear to our hearts. The sleek, yet relaxed pony for Sinesia Karol was definitely on the top of the list. So was the fun, disco crazy hair for Lee + Lani Swimwear. But, our most favorite of all was the flower crowns for the AnnaK show. The ladies were styled with a relaxed beach wave and each given a special and unique set of flowers on their brow. Some models were adorned with a full crown, others were given a simple, single rose behind the ear. All the roses were fresh form Whole Foods market so every model looked stunning in her roses and AnnaK swimwear. By the end of the show, the backstage floor was covered in beautiful rose petals as the girls changes looks for the next walk. These flowers were a fantastic idea that lead the bohemian and flirty vibes through the entire show both on the runway and behind the scenes. 

Special thanks for Funkshion and all the swimwear designers we were so happy to style for! 

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