The Best Hair Trends for 2018

New year, new you—as they say—and one of the best ways to change your look is with a new hairstyle. Taking the lead from Hollywood’s leading ladies, celebrity hairstylists and the runways from Paris, Milan and New York, the newest hair trends for 2018 are a mix of long and short, but the overall feeling is one of effortless chic. Natural beauty is the name of the game for the 2018 best hairstyles. From long bangs and shaggy styles, here’s a look at the most popular hairstyles for 2018.



The New Bangs
(Photo courtesy of @sukiwaterhouse)

If you’re considering bangs, there’s no better time to take the plunge than 2018. The new bangs are slightly less done than previous years, meaning you can let them go wavy or undone and look right on trend. Another big bang trend is the “curtain bang.” Look to celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Chloe Grace Moretz and Kirsten Dunst for this fresh take on fringe. Curtain bangs are split in the center and hit around the upper cheekbone. Styling is key for this look. You’ll need to use a blow-dryer and a round boars head brush to flip the ends out a bit. To get the look, try the HSI Dryonizer 5500 Turbo Blowdryer.


70’s-Inspired Cher Hair
(Photo courtesy of @kimkardashian)
Think about how this iconic diva looked circa the Sonny and Cher era and you’ll understand the 70’s hair revival that’s underfoot. The current poster child for the 70’s hair redux is Kim Kardashian with her super-long (almost down to her hips!) carefree mane. Just check out her Instagram for pics of her glam ultra-long hair. Long and straight is the style here, which means keeping your hair trimmed and healthy. Split ends could easily ruin this look, so monthly trims are a must. This look is also best achieved with a flatiron. To get the look, try the HSI Glider Gold Professional Flatiron. Don’t forget to protect hair first with HSI Argan Oil Heat Protectant for Hair.


The Long Shag
(Photo courtesy of @theresaprzbyla)

Shags have never really gone out of style, but the best way to wear this choppy hairstyle in 2018 is by channeling Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot by keeping it longer with lots of layers. We even love it with bangs thrown into the mix. This cool hairstyle is part Bond Girl part rocker chick and all kinds of sexy. Ask your hair stylist for longer layers and choppy bangs with a center part. Give your new look some help by using a curling iron around random sections of hair in the front. After curling, give hair a nice tousle. To get the look, try the HSI Groover Tapered Curling Wand.


Blunt Ends

(Photo courtesy of @salonxvi)

Being blunt is very 2018. This edgy style is all about finding a talented hair stylist who can give your ends that blunt cut. Giving ends a straight across cut is a fresh take on hair for 2018 and lends instant cool-girl cred.



French Girl Chic

(Photo courtesy of @jeannedamas)

This quintessentially chic and effortlessly sexy hairstyle combines a bit of 80’s style feathering with a shoulder length or longer haircut. Grown-out bangs and long layers help to give this naturally beautiful an undone insouciance. Looking like you’ve spent hours on your hair is so not cool and so un-French. Let hair air dry or at least fake the air-dried look with the help of a curling wand to put some natural looking waves and bends into the hair. To get the look, try the HSI Groover Tapered Curling Wand.

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