The Glider Brush is Straight-Up Awesome

Women with shiny, straight hair might yearn for tousled, beachy waves. On the flip side, there are beautiful girls with gorgeous waterfall curls who would die for those corkscrews to fall into silky, straight lines. Why can’t we want what we already have? It’s like buying a cute pair of red heels and then pining for the blinged-out sandals you left on the shelf.  

Who says we can’t have both? Cake and eating it, too? Absolutely!

Most of the time, I wear my hair lightly curled even though it’s naturally straight. My daughter has those enviable, touchable waves but she prefers to wear her hair straight. What could we use that would give us beautiful hair without doing further damage or take a lot of time?

That’s when we discovered the Glider Heated Straightening Brush from HSI.


Unlike conventional flat irons, the heat in this brush doesn’t need to make direct contact with the hair follicle to achieve the desired results. Simply brush through a section of your hair one or two as if using a hair brush. What surfaces is shiny, sleek hair without the hassle, time, or damage of a flat iron.

Not bought into the straight look? I use the heated brush for subtle waves, too. The brush leaves my hair shiny and with a little flip, enough curl to suit my preference.

The Glider Brush works for all types of hair. My hair is coarse, thick and straight – but not in a sleek way. The brush softens the strands and curbs the frizz that often accompanies Midwestern humidity. My daughter has fine, thick and wavy hair and the heated brush makes those gorgeous strands come to life with vigor and shine.


Before (can you believe those beautiful curls are natural?) and After photos 


We especially like the safety features on this brush. The outer bristles and bristle tips are heat resistant, so it’s almost impossible to burn ourselves. The cord swivels making it easy for even the clumsiest of DIY hairstylists (like me) to use. Additionally, since the motion is quick and easy, there is less heat exposure. Combined with the regular use of the Argan Oil products, my daughter and I both notice healthier hair with less split ends.

The final appeal and one that keeps us coming back is the time-saving factor. For this photo shoot, my daughter went from shower to camera in less than thirty minutes. In one motion, the brush smooths, detangles and straightens. My daughter is a nursing student working two full-time jobs and has little time or energy to mess with her hair. That said, she still wants to look fresh, young and professional. I’d say she nailed it!


I want this brush plz tell me the prize

Swati salunke September 10, 2017

I want this brush plz tell me the prize

Swati salunke September 10, 2017

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