Christmas Morning Hairdo's in 5 minutes

The holidays are approaching and we know you can't wait to get out of bed and rip open your gifts from family and friends. In all this craziness, you have got to save your hair from looking like a birds nest. We've got your back! Here are some quick and easy hairstyles to rock against the bedhead.


Put your favorite headband over your hair. Take a little bundle of hair at a time and wrap it around the headband going all around the bottom section of your head. Pull out small strands to frame your face and you're done! Video how to here


Section off the hair into layers from crown to nape of neck. Then separate the individual layers into two strands, twist them opposite each other, and then wrap them around each other to make a knot! Once you have a loose knot, tie off and tuck the rest under your hair!


Dutch braids! Create your part and start forming a braid at the top of your head, grabbing small strands as you continue down. Do this to both sides of your part.


A simple half-up half-down style with a messy bun on top is sure to elongate your face and looks fun for pictures


Milkmaid braids are easy and look great. Simply wrap your loose dutch braids (the ones that start at the nap of your neck, or frenched dutch braids!) around your head to make a continuous loop of braids. You can even make it in fishtail style! 


Perfect for those who move around a lot. Layer your hair at the top, middle and bottom of your hair. Tie each layer off with an elastic and continue down your hair. Loosen each section between hair ties to create a "bubble" effect. 




A fun twist on braiding. Flip your head over and create dutch braids forming high pigtails. Tie off the pigtails and lightly tug them out to give volume. Wrap the braids to form buns, and voila! A more in depth tutorial right here (:


Need help styling these? Head over to our Pinterest page for more in depth How-Tos! 

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