8 Affordable Gifts Beauty Lovers Actually Want to Receive

by Jade Feasel | Dec 12 2016

The Holidays are among us and sometimes shopping for a loved one isn't as easy as you had hoped it would be. If you have a beauty obsessed lady on your list, your searching is over! HSI Professional has brought together an amazing set of deals that are perfect gifts, and won't leave your wallet empty. From hair care products, to makeup duplicates, check out the deals below for a complete list that is sure to please. 


1.) NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 

These little babies are soft, matte, and full of color! With matte lips being a major hit in 2016 and 36 available shades, this is a serious no brainer. You can get 3 for the price of two, or the whole dang vault! (shown above)

Trust us, she will LOVE them.  




2.) Incoco Real Nail Polish Stickers 


Sephora had real nail polish appliques a few year ago. They were all the rage, but were discontinued for some reason, and we've been dying ever since. Finally, Incoco came up with a dupe, and they're just as fantastic. This is sure to please due to the ease of application and long lasting, bright colors and patterns. With sets and bundles coming in below retail cost, your wallet will be pleased too! 




3.) HSI Professional Glider Brush 

This product is a new one from HSI Professional that detangles while it straightens! With the ability to work on ANY hair type, and impossible to burn yourself with, it is a gift on everyones list. HSI Professional has made it possible to receive free gifts with the Glider Straightening Brush and a few different good bundles to choose from:

Glider Brush + FREE Mini Glider Flat Iron - Perfect for the girl on the go

Glider Elite Flat Iron + FREE Glider Straightening Brush - Perfect combo for the professional stylist or everyday use

Glider Titanium Flat Iron + FREE Glider Straightening Brush _ Perfect combo for a #NaturalHairSista or anyone with kinky, coily, and thick hair

Glider+ Flat Iron + FREE Glider Straightening Brush  - Perfect combo for the thick haired lady who straightens nearly everyday 

Groover 4-piece Curling Wand Set + Glider Straightening Brush - Perfect for wavy haired dolls who sometimes like to wear their hair curly, and sometimes like it straight



4.) Bliss Body Butter 

Bliss lotions are always uniquely and wonderfully scented. These body butters are particularly creamy and have delightful, bright scents! Plus, with that cute packaging, there is no need to wrap.



5.) Colour Pop Highlighter Trios

Colour Pop is known for the amazing quality gathered on such a nominal price. They're pigments are so dope they should be illegal! This highlighter trio is just $20 and comes in a range of amazing colors. Highlighters aren't the only thing they bundle, either! 



6.) HSI Professional Dryonizer Hair Dryers

The ionic ceramic technology these hair dryers possess is unreal. Faster drying time with smoother results, plus it's better for hair health! Shop HSI Professional deals below for a set of FREE round brushes:

Dryonizer 2200 - good drying time, longer nose

Dryonizer 5500 Turbo Pink - quick drying time, short nose, fun color 

Dryonizer 5500 Turbo - quick drying time, professional use 



7.) Origin Charcoal Pore Cleansing Mask 

Charcoal masks are all the rage right now, and this is the holy grail of charcoal masks. That's really all you need to know, tbh. Even though this isn't a set, the bottle holds more than many charcoal masks so... we say it counts. 



8.) Sephora Collections Essential Brush Set 

You may look at this set and may wonder why so many brushes could be needed for just one face, but believe us, they're needed. Every basic tool you will ever need, in a cute leather case. Perfect for the lady always on the go or just discovering the power of makeup!



Do you have a beauty gift that won't break the bank, but totally blows your mind? Send us the deets, or comment below!


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