This Week in #TransformationTuesday

There comes a time in anyone's life where your hair needs a little revival. Either it's too long, too dead, or too boring! But after completing your appointment with your hair stylist, once again you're confident with your new hair! On all social media platforms, women and men showcase their transformations for all to bask in its glory!

Gabriel Samra is a master at transforming hair back to beauty!


The look on her face says it all: Yikes! From unruly and frizzy, to a healthy hairstyle, Samra definitely saved the day. HSI Professional's Wet Line Set can help keep it healthy, shiny, and frizz-free!

At first glance, there seems to be nothing wrong with her hair in the before picture. Upon looking at the second, we see much healthier hair! A simple cut and dye -- it gets the job done.

Samra was able to beautifully revive her hair with a neat balayage dye, long-layered cut and gorgeous curls!

Feel like your color has faded and it's too boring? Brighten them up with a fresh dye job that'll boost your confidence!

Want a more risky hair inspo?

If you're searching for a more daring change to your hair, this gorgeous transformation might be the right choice for you! The dual-tone dye job still helps to make her hair look healthy and fabulous.

Talk about #HairGoals! Soft colors such as the one pictured are becoming the latest trend and are out of this world!

This transformation is absolutely adorable! Sometimes, a new hairstyle is all you need to gain that confidence back!

Seriously, this hair would make anyone feel like a princess!

This is a perfect example of a healthy transformation. Notice how in the before picture, her ends were fried to bits! With a bit of tender, love and care, the stylist was able to bring her hair back to life -- beautiful as ever!

As our final favorite #TransformationTuesday, we absolutely adore the life that has been brought back to her hair! The shine, the curls -- we love it all! To help achieve the loose waves, our Groover Kit will help keep it beautifully intact.

Which of these #TransformationTuesday photos have inspired you to change up your hairstyle?

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