#TransformationTuesday: Grey Hair SLAYAGE!

The reason any woman would dye their hair was to give a fresh look, a new change in their lives to give them a boost! For older women, sometimes it took a trip to the hairstylist to cover up the grey hairs. Recently, the trend among the younger women actually embraces the greys! From icy-silver down to the darkest greys, here are a few #TransformationTuesdays to help give you inspiration for your next appointment!


Don't let this transformation fool you! While we adore the ice silver tone, achieving this color is going to take some time if you have dark hair (as shown in the before image). Expect to make several appointments before you get the result you want! With some patience, you can get the color you want and still maintain health and shine!


Talk about gorgeous! This "Frozen" inspired silver hair will definitely get some attention from everyone -- young and old.


This beautiful transformation from red to grey is accompanied by a soft purple color at the roots to gift it some extra oomph!

From fried to healthy, this silver transformation is muted and dark in tone, leaving us absolutely breathless!

When you need a root touch-up, sometimes you just feel like switching up the colors. How incredible is her shine once she transformed into a silver goddess! #Slay

Talk about #Goals! The silver balayage is definitely sure to turn some heads down the street.

A soft, ombre silver for those who want the change in color without the entire dedication! With HSI Professional's Groover Kit, you can achieve those same waves to build volume for your gorgeous grey hair.

Our last two favorite transformations from from @bescene on instagram! Linh Phan's color magic works wonders on their hair, transforming them into the beautiful queens they are!

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