#TransformationTuesday | The Curly Edition

Curly hair is definitely something many girls struggle with, especially growing up. But it isn't until they are finally able to understand how to manage it, that they can transform it to it's health and realize how amazing curly hair really is to have. Here are some transformations to keep you inspired!


These curls have come together to give a more defined curl pattern and deeper, dimensional color.

Not only is her texture enhanced, but so is the definition of color.

From undefined and frizzy, to bouncy and rich!

#IWokeUpLikeThis goals.

This transformation completely forgot it's past, look at all those coils!

Why buy a dictionary when your hair is this defined? 

Before, her curls looked like they didn't like each other very much, now they're a happy family.

All you need is faith, trust, and the right products.

There are plenty of hair-hacks to take care of your curly hair. But if you notice the general pattern, the biggest factor to ensuring your curly hair is healthy is making sure it is hydrated! HSI Professional has developed a line of products to repair and maintain hydrated healthy hair with a revolutionary Argan Oil-infused Hair Care Regimen that instantly transforms even the frizziest dry hair. 

For a limited time, you can subscribe to the personalized My CareBox to get your hands (and hair) on this, with 35% off + receive our new Glider Straightening Brush for free. Groove on over to learn more about our CareBox!

Yes, it does work on curly hair!


Get it while it lasts! Your hair is counting on it.


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