Traveler? The Best Travel Kit for Endless Good Hair Days

I have an unusual job. A career so odd that my husband can never explain to his friends what I do for a living. I’ll catch him saying, “She gets on an airplane three or four days a week and then talks to people about healthcare.”

He’s almost correct. I do talk to people about healthcare, and that does involve air travel 3-4 days/week. The part he’s missing are the hours spent wandering in parking lots looking for my rental car, pre-dawn drives to catch a 6 a.m. flight, and forgetting hotel room numbers because I can’t remember which city I’m traveling in. He doesn’t see what it takes to hide the crazy while trying to portray a professional woman who knows her stuff and has it all together.

My job requires a heightened sense of executive presence, self-assurance, and professionalism. With all the buzz around healthcare reform, hectic airline schedules, and high-powered customers, the last thing I want to worry about is how my hair looks. I can stitch a ripped hem, or sew on a button, but a forgotten curling iron or straightener can be the instigator of a stress-filled fire drill on the morning of a big meeting. Even though I play a professional woman, the real me is a hot mess who gets lost and frazzled more than I’d like to admit.

Enter the HSI Travel Styling Kit.


This set has all of the hot tools my daughter and I use at home, but with the convenience of being in one, easy-to-pack box. My morning jaunts to the airport often start at 3 a.m. In the past, I’d fix my hair before departure only to accidentally leave the hot tools behind – alone and useless in my home base bathroom. With the HSI Travel Styling Kit, I leave the hot tools in the box and packed in my suitcase. The box is small enough to fit into my carry-on bag, and the included sample-size of Argan Oil meets TSA requirements, too. Since I permanently pack hair care in my travel bag, I can spend mental energy on prepping for clients, gathering resources, and attending to more important items before leaving the tarmac.

The professional Travel Styling Kit includes a ceramic Dryonizer Mini blow dryer, Glider Mini flat iron and Groover Mini curling wand that feature ionic ceramic tourmaline coatings and HeatBalance® micro-sensors that produce evenly distributed heat and air pressure to prevent damaging your hair and saves you time.

The items I use most often:

Glider Mini: I have shoulder length hair, and this mini-size works just as well as the full-size flat iron. Perfect for “second-day hair” when I don’t have time to wash the morning of an appointment.

Groover Mini: I use this size for non-travel days, too. It’s easy to use and manipulate – even with my klutzy hands!

Dryonizer Mini: Even though most hotel rooms have a blow dryer, I still prefer the HSI version—you never know what cooties lay in hotel bathrooms!

The set also includes 2 Airflow Nozzles for the dryer, a hairstyling clip and a style guide (all of which, I use at home, too).

Some may think it’s a stretch to say that the Travel Set has saved my life. Perhaps. But, there’s a comfort in knowing that I have accounted for one piece of my busy life. That way, I can spend time on other adventures while I travel – like finding that darned lost rental car.

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