TREND ALERT: Iridescent, Pastel Grunge

by Jade Feasel | Jan 23 2017

This newly popular trend is one of my personal favorites, and really speaks to my high school fashion, but in a much less angsty, more weird-badass type of way. Basically, if Cinderella matched her EVERYTHING to her shoes, started listening to the Marina and the Diamonds, and wasn't afraid of black lipstick, this would be the result. 




These amazing and iridescent nails from PopSugar and the light blue nails with fun rings are perfect for always channeling this new trend. This will bring your fashion style up to par, even if you woke up to late to do your hair this morning. Sorry, not sorry.

Here's where that edgy comes in; a little punk with the jean, a little soft with the rose, and all cool

More rainbow translucent magic! This one brings in the ever popular mermaid feel


Don't forget the shoes! One of the most important pieces to complete the look of an outfit, besides the hair and make up. Luckily, there are plenty of cool cinderella like shoes to get you started. 

Channel that mermaid feeling through your hair, and always be ready for 2017's biggest beauty and fashion trend, make sure to put it into space buns for a full effect. Keep that 'do straight with HSI Professional's best selling flat iron, and keep it vibrant with their color saving shampoo and conditioner. 

Don't forget all that glitter and shiny pastels in your makeup! To avoid looking like an ice queen or albino, just make sure to counter it with some darker pieces like black lips or colored brows. 


 Would you try this look? 





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