Why we should take note from Alicia Keys' #NoMakeup Campaign

It all started with Alicia Keys’ essay on going makeup-free for the Lenny Letter, Lena Dunham’s digital newsletter. The songstress confessed that going barefaced made her feel “the strongest, most empowered, most free and most honestly beautiful“ that she has ever felt. Her text went viral in no time and a new hashtag was born: #NoMakeup.

Following intensive criticism and debates, Alicia has appeared sans makeup on the red carpet, in the photos for her new album and for live performances thus starting a new trend that more and more women seem to be embracing right now.

For feminists (and not only) around the world this comes as a breath of fresh air. Modern day beauty standards involve lots of makeup and many women feel that society and media puts limitations and pressure on them. Alicia’s movement focuses on natural beauty and defies today’s unspoken rules of “looking flawless“.

A woman’s fresh face speaks self-confidence and empowerment. If you are comfortable in your skin, give it a try. Forget about foundation and mascara for once and channel your inner self without hesitation. Proving that you don’t need makeup to feel attractive will be the biggest beauty statement you will ever make.


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